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Senate Races

(AZ,R) Kyl
(AZ,D) Starky
(CA,D) Feinstein
(CA,R) Campbell
(CA,L) Lightfoot
(CT,D) Lieberman
(CT,R) Giordano
(CT,NL) Green
(DE,R) Roth
(DE,D) Carper
(FL,R) McCollum
(FL,D) Nelson
(FL,I) Logan
(GA,D) Miller
(GA,R) Mattingly
(HI,D) Akaka
(HI,R) Douglas
(IN,R) Lugar
(IN,D) Johnson
(MA,D) Kennedy
(MA,R) Robinson
(MA,L) Howell
(MA,C) Lawler
(MD,D) Sarbanes
(MD,R) Rappaport
(ME,R) Snowe
(ME,D) Lawrence
(MI,R) Abraham
(MI,D) Stabenow
(MN,R) Grams
(MN,D) Dayton
(MO,R) Ashcroft
(MO,D) Carnahan
(MS,R) Lott
(MS,D) Brown
(MS,I) Giles
(MT,R) Burns
(MT,D) Schweitzer
(ND,D) Conrad
(ND,R) Sand
(NE,D) Nelson
(NE,R) Stenberg
(NJ,R) Franks
(NJ,D) Corzine
(NM,D) Bingaman
(NM,R) Redmond
(NV,D) Bernstein
(NV,R) Ensign
(NY,D) Clinton
(NY,R) Lazio
(NY,W) Giuliani
(NY,C) Wein
(OH,R) DeWine
(OH,D) Celeste
(OH,L) McAlister
(PA,R) Santorum
(PA,D) Klink
(RI,R) Chafee
(RI,D) Weygand
(TN,R) Frist
(TN,D) Clark
(TN,G) Burrell
(TN,I) Johnson
(TX,R) Hutchison
(TX,D) Kelley
(TX,L) Ruwart
(UT,R) Hatch
(UT,D) Howell
(UT,L) Dexter
(VA,D) Robb
(VA,R) Allen
(VT,R) Jeffords
(VT,D) Flanagan
(WA,R) Gorton
(WA,D) Cantwell
(WA,I) McKeigue
(WI,D) Kohl
(WI,R) Gillespie
(WV,D) Byrd
(WV,R) Gallaher
(WY,R) Thomas
(WY,D) Logan
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[Click on a diamond in the grid for full quotations. Key for diamonds]:
Libertarian view; typically focusing on non-governmental solutions and private decision-making.
Liberal or leftist view; typically focusing on helping needy members of society, and using government to achieve societal good.
Populist or progressive view; typically focusing on local solutions instead of federal action, on decentralizing power, and on religion as the basis for societal good.
Conservative or rightist view; typically focusing on fiscal frugality, strength abroad, and moral integrity.
Centrist or mixed view; typically focusing on reforming or amending existing institutions rather than replacing them.
No view; the candidate does not have a sufficient record on the issue to judge his stance.
This scheme, known as the "Political Diamond", relies on an analysis in two dimensions, social and economic, rather than the typical one-dimensional right-left axis. A complete description can be found on the Self-Government web site.

For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Pro-life; no litmus test Cheney: Pro-life; few exceptions Browne: Pro-choice McCain: Pro-life
Gore: Strongly Pro-choice Lieberman: Pro-choice; parental consent OK Phillips: Ending innocent death come first Bradley: Strongly Pro-choice
Buchanan: Strongly pro-life Foster: Pro-life Hagelin: Feds out; no litmus test Keyes: Strongly pro-life
Nader: Let women decide LaDuke: Strongly pro-choice McReynolds: Strongly Pro-choice Dole: Pro-life; no litmus test

Budget & Economy
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Simplify & cut taxes Cheney: Balance budget; invest in Defense Browne: Cut budget by 50% McCain: Balance budget; Lockbox.
Gore: Fiscal discipline; cut waste Lieberman: Reduce debt; fund private R&D Phillips: Shrink budget; no compromises Bradley: Open markets; cut taxes
Buchanan: Balance budget; cut taxes Foster: Boom hasn't helped blacks Hagelin: Creativity fosters growth; recast GDP Keyes: Limit spending
Nader: Human economy is not booming LaDuke: Community over consumption McReynolds: Move beyond consumerism Dole: More exports & private enterprise

For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Compete with China; WTO OK Cheney: Arms to Taiwan; link MFN to rights Browne: De-link human rights McCain: Engage China; WTO OK
Gore: For MFN & WTO entry Lieberman: Monitor China within WTO Phillips: No MFN; China cheats Bradley: One China; defend Taiwan
Buchanan: Blockade China; no WTO Foster Hagelin: Full diplomatic relations Keyes: Safeguard Taiwan; abhor China
Nader: Link human rights LaDuke: Link human rights McReynolds: No WTO; but treat well Dole: Reform China; WTO OK

Civil Rights
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Anti-quota; anti-gay marriage Cheney: Some gay rights; fewer women's rights Browne: Anti-fed. intervention McCain: Anti-quota; for Flag protection
Gore: Pro-ADA & women’s rights Lieberman: For some gay rights & aff. Action Phillips: End affirmative action; follow God on gays Bradley: Pro-aff.action & racial unity
Buchanan: Anti-aff. action; anti-NEA Foster: Anti-gay; pro-Confederate flag Hagelin: No quotas; feds out of gay issues Keyes: Anti-gay rights & aff.action
Nader: Pro-gay; pro-privacy; pro-women LaDuke: Pro-equal rights;pro-aff. Action McReynolds: Speak out against racism & for gays Dole: Pro-women’s rights; anti-web-porn

For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Death; 2 Strikes; less parole Cheney: Stricter penalties; death penalty Browne: End Drug War; no Death McCain: Death; more prisons; less parole
Gore: 3 Strikes; death; COPS Lieberman: More jails; victim's rights; death penalty Phillips: Fight crime locally; incl. Death penalty Bradley: Death; anti-terrorism
Buchanan: Less clemency; prompt death penalty Foster: Defend police Hagelin: Prevention & rehabilitation Keyes: Death; no hate crimes
Nader: Focus on prevention; no death penalty LaDuke: Focus on prevention; no death penalty McReynolds: Against death penalty & prison industry Dole: More police $

For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: More engaged; rebuild Cheney: More funding; more SDI Browne: Less entangled; SDI; cut CIA McCain: More pay; SDI; more engaged
Gore: Build down nukes Lieberman: More $ for R&D; pro-SDI Phillips: More $; build SDI; less UN & NATO Bradley: Eliminate weapons; less $
Buchanan: More $; more pay; less entangled Foster: Sovereignty first Hagelin: Decrease military aid; maintain ABM Keyes: Less entangled;SDI; strike terrorists
Nader: Reduce weapons & overseas troops LaDuke: Demobilize McReynolds: Cut military by 50% Dole: More $; SDI; more pay

For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: More education; more laws; abstinence Cheney: More involvement in Drug War Browne: Legalize drugs McCain: More border; more penalties
Gore: Keep Drug War; except medical pot Lieberman: More penalties Phillips: More border patrols Bradley: Less drug war $
Buchanan: Ban pot; close borders to drugs Foster: Close the borders Hagelin: Legalize for medicine; educate Keyes: More penalties
Nader: Stop prohibition LaDuke: Replace Drug War with treatment McReynolds: Decriminalize drugs Dole: Reduce demand & supply

For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Local control; back to basics Cheney: Pro-standards; pro-prayer Browne: Remove govt from ed.; no school prayer McCain: More local; more testing; more prayer
Gore: Smaller classes; more programs & pay Lieberman: More standards; more funding Phillips: No federal education Bradley: National Service & Lifetime Education
Buchanan: Localize; end multiculturalism Foster: Immigrants out; multiculturalism out Hagelin: Develop mental potential Keyes: Abstinence ed. & school prayer
Nader: Invest in education; teach citizenship LaDuke: More funding; no English-only McReynolds: More public funding Dole: More pay; more charity; less rules

For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Deregulate; voluntary cleanup Cheney: Pro-grazing; pro-hunting; drill ANWR Browne: Local; non-govt solutions McCain: End farm subsidies; expand CWA
Gore: Cut CO2; more parks; less cars Lieberman: Keep Kyoto; ANWR; CAA; not CAFE Phillips: No Kyoto; pro-property rights Bradley: Pro-gasohol; anti-pollution
Buchanan: Localize; lessTakings; end BLM Foster: Eliminate EPA Hagelin: Promote sustainability; no nukes Keyes: Exploit ANWR; end Kyoto & CAFE
Nader: More funds; more rules; less cars LaDuke: Common property for future generations McReynolds: More public transit Dole: More $ to farmers

Families & Children
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Abstinence; V-chip; tough laws Cheney: $ for pre-school; character ed. Browne: Lower taxes gives parents choices McCain: Labeling for parents
Gore: Protect kids from smut; drugs &tobacco Lieberman: Fight "anything goes" culture Phillips: Family first Bradley: Parents team with business & govt
Buchanan: Stop media pollution; teach values Foster: Immigration hurts children Hagelin Keyes: Moral breakdown of families
Nader: Corporate TV hurts kids LaDuke: Standard American family is a myth McReynolds: No moral decline Dole: Protect kids from e-smut

Foreign Policy
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Befriend Americas; pressure Russia Cheney: Hard-line interventionist; anti-sanctions Browne: Anti-intervention; anti-aid McCain: Assertive multilateralism
Gore: Internationalist & intereventionist Lieberman: For NATO & IMF; anti-proliferation Phillips: End foreign aid Bradley: Lead world
Buchanan: End foreign entanglements Foster: Use military against immigrants Hagelin: Support abroad without arms Keyes: “Anti-China, Anti-UN”
Nader: Interventionist with support, not arms LaDuke: Social justice; not military aid McReynolds: End foreign aid; exit IMF Dole: Lead world & push for reforms

Free Trade & Immigration
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: More trade; imm. maybe Cheney: Trade comes second to security Browne: Open trade; open imm. McCain: Open trade; open imm.
Gore: Open trade; open imm. Lieberman: For Fast Track; pro-immigration Phillips: Focus on sovereignty & tight borders Bradley: More trade orgs.
Buchanan: More tariffs; blockade imm. Foster: Restrict immigration Hagelin: More immigrants; balanced trade Keyes: More tariffs; imm. OK
Nader: Pro-immgrant; anti-globalization LaDuke: Opposes NAFTA & WTO McReynolds: Closed trade; open imm. Dole: Open trade; more exports

Government Reform
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Limit terms & judges & lawsuits Cheney: Line Item Veto; BBA; more openness Browne: Abide by Constitution; close most agencies McCain: Anti-influence peddling
Gore: Reinvent Government Lieberman: No term limits; yes campaign reform Phillips: Close many agencies; including IRS Bradley: End PACs; reduce role of $
Buchanan: Limit feds & campaign $; pro-10th Am. Foster: Stop meddling; more parties Hagelin: Ban PACs; distribute power Keyes: Decrease campaign $; more disclosure
Nader: Remove corporate influences LaDuke: Pro-voter; anti-big-business McReynolds: Include Socialists Dole: Pro-privatization; pro-10th Am.

Gun Control
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: More gun laws; more gun rights Cheney: Few restrictions if any Browne: Less gun laws McCain: More gun laws; more gun rights
Gore: More gun laws Lieberman: More gun restrictions Phillips: No restrictions Bradley: Many more gun laws
Buchanan: No more laws; more enforced Foster: Pro-2nd amendment Hagelin: More restrictions Keyes: No more laws; more morals
Nader: More restrictions; some bans LaDuke: Supports gun control McReynolds: No individual gun rights Dole: Gun laws OK

Health Care
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Reform HMOs & Medicare Cheney: Limit federal role; Medicare Rx $ Browne: Govt our of health care McCain: Patient rights; limit HMOs
Gore: Incrementally insure 15 million Lieberman: Insurance for all; limit lawsuits Phillips: Feds out Bradley: Universal coverage; more Medicare $
Buchanan: Pay privately; abolish euthanasia Foster: Privatize Medicare Hagelin: Focus on prevention Keyes: No right-to-die; no health I.D.
Nader: Cradle-to-grave non-profit system LaDuke: Fund affordable heathcare McReynolds: Single-payer system Dole: Self-employed 100% tax deduction

Juvenile Crime
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Boot camps; tougher laws Cheney: Fight gangs; creative punishment Browne: Ending Drug War helps schools McCain: Blame the media
Gore: Tough laws with Second Chance Lieberman: Investigate causes; blame media Phillips: Stricter prosecution Bradley: No blaming parents; no Commandments
Buchanan: Blame Hollywood; bring back God Foster Hagelin: Focus on education Keyes: More God & morals in schools
Nader: Teach dispute resolution; blame media LaDuke: Teach dispute resolution McReynolds: Focus on prevention Dole: More school discipline

For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Distrust Serbia Cheney: Opposed Bosnia intervention Browne: Intervention is unconstitutional McCain: War OK to establish US power
Gore: War OK to stop ethnic cleansing Lieberman: Support use of force Phillips: Out of Kosovo Bradley: No intervention; need exit strategy
Buchanan: No intervention; no vital interests Foster Hagelin: Troops out Keyes: Bad precedent; no intervention
Nader: Should have seen it; but force OK LaDuke McReynolds: Bombing breaches UN Charter Dole: War OK for national values

Principles & Values
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Compassionate conservatism Cheney: Hard-line conservative; but cooperative Browne: Individual liberty & personal responsiblity McCain: Set an example
Gore: Reinvent Govt Lieberman: Centrist "New Democrat" Phillips: Sitck to Biblical standards Bradley: Respect people of all races
Buchanan: Traditional Morality Foster: Defend family values Hagelin: Develop human potential Keyes: Unalienable rights under God
Nader: New Populism: power corrupts LaDuke: Spirituality guides political activism McReynolds: Widen the range of views Dole: Rebirth of values

School Choice
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Try vouchers & charters Cheney: Parental choice Browne: Govt out of schools McCain: Vouchers for private & charters
Gore: No vouchers; keep public Lieberman: For charters; try vouchers Phillips: Parental control Bradley: Vouchers & school choice
Buchanan: Pro-voucher; charters; homeschool Foster: Government out of education Hagelin: Vouchers & charters Keyes: End public monopoly
Nader: Preserve public schools LaDuke: Choice within public schools McReynolds: No vouchers; keep public Dole: Vouchers for failing schools

Social Security
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Lockbox & privatize Cheney: Some privatization; end Earnings Test Browne: Privatize all aspects McCain: Lockbox & privatize
Gore: Protect Trust Fund & Medicare Lieberman: Some privatization; some reform Phillips: Privatize; restore Trust Fund Bradley: Separate Trust Fund
Buchanan: Privatize Medicare Foster: Transition to IRAs Hagelin: Invest some; Lock-box rest Keyes: Privatize; Lock-box
Nader: Against privatization LaDuke: Don't privatize McReynolds: More public funding Dole: More vesting

Tax Reform
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Simplify & reduce taxes Cheney: No tax increases; especially on oil Browne: Abolish IRS & income tax McCain: Simplify & reduce taxes
Gore: Reinvention & some cuts Lieberman: Cut taxes, but not too much Phillips: End income tax; estate tax; corp. tax Bradley: Pay debt before cuts
Buchanan: 16% flat tax; dump tax code Foster: End taxes on income, cap. gains, & death taxes Hagelin: 18% flat tax Keyes: Abolish IRS & income tax
Nader: Keep progressivity; raise corporate taxes LaDuke: Benefit poor over rich McReynolds: More progressive taxation Dole: Cut taxes & unfunded mandates

For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: No Y2K lawsuits Cheney: More R&D; less telecomm rules Browne: Govt out of Y2K; out of Microsoft McCain: No Internet tax; yes porn filters
Gore: Pro-V-Chip; Triana; Genome; Internet Lieberman: V-chip; e-government Phillips: Keep Internet free; keep tech in US Bradley: Deregulation & self-censorship
Buchanan: Microsoft went too far Foster Hagelin: Restrict media; maintain privacy Keyes
Nader: More open tech; anti-Microsoft LaDuke McReynolds: Private deregulated Internet Dole: No Internet tax; yes porn filters

Welfare & Labor
For President For V.P. Third Party Withdrawn
Bush: Faith-based Armies of Compassion Cheney: Private provision; less WIC Browne: Replace welfare with private charity McCain: Pro workfare; pro block grants
Gore: Faith-based volunteerism Lieberman: Raise min.wage; more Enterprise Zones Phillips: End the welfare state Bradley: No workfare; no block grants
Buchanan: Pro-union; welfare by states Foster: Welfare destroys self-worth Hagelin: Empowerment Zones & black grants Keyes: Focus on family
Nader: Pro-union; anti-big business LaDuke: Focus on poor over corporations McReynolds: More welfare; raise min. wage Dole: Negotiate with Labor

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