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issues match
who do you agree with?

Answer twenty questions on the issues, then be matched to the candidate(s) whose views are most similar.

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candidate match
who do you like?

Answer twenty questions about the personal qualities you think most important in a president, then get matched to a candidate. For the most revealing results, take this quiz in conjunction with "Who do you agree with?".

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Where do the candidates stand on the issues, and how do their stands fit with your beliefs? Who's got the right experience for the presidency? Which man best embodies those intangible qualities--leadership, charisma, being down to earth--that make us think of one candidate as "more presidential" than the other?

This year FRONTLINE, in consultation with the Pew Research Center and in partnership with SpeakOut.Com, has developed two quizzes that aim to take some of the guesswork out of your presidential choice. The first quiz--"Who do you agree with?"--is focused on issues; the second quiz attempts to capture the intangible personal qualities--leadership, experience, and character--that weigh heavily into our thinking about the candidates. Most voter choices are a dynamic combination of these four categories--stands on the issues, leadership, experience, and character.

Take each quiz separately and learn something important and helpful to your vote. Take these quizzes together, however --in whichever order you prefer--and we will correlate your answers in revealing and thought-provoking ways. There are limits, of course, to this rough science: these quizzes do not aim to tell you which way to vote. That said, we believe these quizzes offer powerful tools for an important and often difficult choice. Our "Who Do You Agree With?" (Issues Match) quiz is a modified version of "Vote Match," a product of, "a political portal on the web that invites you to learn more about the day's hot issues, then SpeakOut and be heard." VoteMatch was developed by Jesse Gordon of

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