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Libertarian view; typically focusing on non-governmental solutions and private decision-making.
Liberal or leftist view; typically focusing on helping needy members of society, and using government to achieve societal good.
Populist or progressive view; typically focusing on local solutions instead of federal action, on decentralizing power, and on religion as the basis for societal good.
Conservative or rightist view; typically focusing on fiscal frugality, strength abroad, and moral integrity.
Centrist or mixed view; typically focusing on reforming or amending existing institutions rather than replacing them.
No view; the candidate does not have a sufficient record on the issue to judge his stance.
This scheme, known as the "Political Diamond", relies on an analysis in two dimensions, social and economic, rather than the typical one-dimensional right-left axis. A complete description can be found on the Self-Government web site.

Hillary Clinton
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: Focus on peace Gun Control: More restrictions Budget & Economy: Balance budget; pay down debt Education: Support public schools; no vouchers
Homeland Security: Ban nuke tests; SDI ok Crime: 3 Strikes ok; DNA required Government Reform: Soft-money ban; govt not solution Jobs: Living wage
War & Peace: Authorized Iraq war; redeploy now Corporations: Limit bankruptcies; end corporate welfare Tax Reform: Say no to GOP tax cuts Welfare & Poverty: Raise minimum wage
Immigration: Comprehensive reform & guest workers Drugs: Treatment & drug courts Social Security: Preserve protections Health Care: Universal coverage
Free Trade: Humanization plus globalization Civil Rights: Pro-gay rights & women's rights Technology: Bridge digital divide Abortion: Safe, legal & rare
Energy & Oil: Ratify Kyoto; use hydrogen Environment: Fund EPA & clean air Principles & Values: New Democrat Families & Children: It takes a village to raise a child

John Edwards
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: Focus on open society Gun Control: 2nd Amendment with rules Budget & Economy: Roll back tax cuts Education: No vouchers; more teachers
Homeland Security: More $; no base closures Crime: No 3 Strikes; death penalty ok Government Reform: Limit lobbyists; public cmpn finance Jobs: Raise min. wage; protect unions
War & Peace: Voted for Iraq; get NATO involved Corporations: Attack corporate indifference Tax Reform: Repeal tax cuts for rich Welfare & Poverty: Cities Rising: $ for EITC
Immigration: Earned legalization Drugs: Drug courts; reasonable sentences Social Security: Protect it; no diversions Health Care: Cover every child; anti-HMOs
Free Trade: No NAFTA; but PNTR ok Civil Rights: Aff. Action; no DOMA Technology: Promote Internet Abortion: Right to choose; partial birth ok
Energy & Oil: Higher CAFE; no ANWR Environment: No forest roads; reduce CO2 Principles & Values: Two Americas Families & Children: Help working parents

Mike Huckabee
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: Non-intervention; support Israel Gun Control: Supports 2nd amendment fully Budget & Economy: Cut federal spending; defer to states Education: Teach character; support charters
Homeland Security: Expand armed forces; close Guantanamo Crime: Ok on death penalty; not 3 Strikes Government Reform: Strengthen states; term limits Jobs: Subsidize farms; unions over CEOs
War & Peace: Stay in Iraq; talk to Iran; fight jihadists Corporations: Support marketplace Tax Reform: Supports FairTax; simplify taxes Welfare & Poverty: Charitable Choice & faith-based providers
Immigration: Send illegals home; but not kids Drugs: Punishment over education Social Security: Personal accounts but not privatized Health Care: Focus on prevention & consumers
Free Trade: Trust marketplace; subsidize farms Civil Rights: No civil unions; no affirmative action Technology: Tax Internet; TV indecency rules Abortion: Outlaw all abortions
Energy & Oil: Increase oil; Kyoto was mistake Environment: Conservation; caretaking; clean up Principles & Values: Character IS the issue; support culture of life Families & Children: Covenant marriage; teach morality

Alan Keyes
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: "Anti-China, Anti-UN" Gun Control: No more laws; more morals Budget & Economy: Limit spending Education: No public monopoly; yes school prayer
Homeland Security: Less entangled;SDI; strike terrorists Crime: Death; no hate crimes Government Reform: Decrease campaign $; more disclosure Jobs: No gov't jobs; yes family farms
War & Peace: Win in Iraq & war on terror Corporations: Protect workers against elite Tax Reform: Abolish IRS & income tax Welfare & Poverty: Solve social ills with family & faith
Immigration: Defend borders; oppose amnesty Drugs: More penalties Social Security: Privatize; Lock-box Health Care: No right-to-die; no health I.D.
Free Trade: Out of WTO; defend sovereignty Civil Rights: Anti-gay rights & aff.action Technology: Regulate TV; fund NASA Abortion: Strongly pro-life
Energy & Oil: Exploit ANWR; end Kyoto & CAFE Environment: Marketable pollution credits Principles & Values: Unalienable rights under God Families & Children: Moral breakdown of families

John McCain
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: Assertive multilateralism Gun Control: More gun laws; more gun rights Budget & Economy: Balance budget; Lockbox. Education: More testing; more prayer; vouchers
Homeland Security: More pay; SDI; more engaged Crime: Death; more prisons; less parole Government Reform: Anti-influence peddling Jobs: No subsidies; yes workfare
War & Peace: Yes on Iraq war; then & now Corporations: Restrict corporations some Tax Reform: Simplify & reduce taxes Welfare & Poverty: Pro workfare; pro block grants
Immigration: Comprehensive reform Drugs: More border; more penalties Social Security: Lockbox & privatize Health Care: Patient rights; limit HMOs
Free Trade: Open trade; WTO ok Civil Rights: Anti-quota; for Flag protection Technology: No Internet tax; yes porn filters Abortion: Pro-life
Energy & Oil: No ANWR; no on Bush energy plan Environment: End farm subsidies; expand CWA Principles & Values: Set an example Families & Children: Labeling for parents; blame media

Barack Obama
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: Strengthen NATO; more foreign aid Gun Control: Restrict guns; allow suing gunmakers Budget & Economy: Pay-as-you-go; regulate mortgages Education: Merit pay; free college
Homeland Security: Close Gitmo; address VA; grow military Crime: Alternate sentencing; restrict death penalty Government Reform: Public campaign finance; limit lobbyists Jobs: Living wage; support unions
War & Peace: Leave Iraq carefully but quickly Corporations: Close loopholes; reward domestic jobs Tax Reform: End Bush tax cuts; keep estate tax Welfare & Poverty: Help welfare recipients; engage faith
Immigration: Path to citizenship; comprehensive reform Drugs: Understand drug abuse Social Security: No privatization; raise cap Health Care: Focus on affordability; focus on AIDS
Free Trade: No CAFTA; fair trade Civil Rights: Strong civil unions & affirmative action Technology: More R&D $; invest in transportation Abortion: Yes on Roe; yes on stem cells
Energy & Oil: Increase CAFE; alternative energy Environment: Protect National Parks; reduce mercury Principles & Values: Yes we can; Audacity of Hope Families & Children: Teach sex-ed; listen to evangelicals

Ron Paul
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: Humble foreign policy instead of empire Gun Control: No gun bans; allow concealed carry Budget & Economy: Return to gold standard; deregulate economy Education: Close Dept. of Ed.; tax credit for parochials
Homeland Security: Protect habeas corpus; avoid draft Crime: Against death penalty; against hate crime laws Government Reform: No earmarks; close non-Constitutional agencies Jobs: No minimum wage increase; no farm subsidies
War & Peace: Iraq war is illegal; talk to Iran Corporations: Supports bankruptcy reform Tax Reform: End income tax; but no flat tax Welfare & Poverty: No faith-based initiatives; yes Section 8
Immigration: Bilingualism yes; amnesty no; border fence yes Drugs: War on Drugs is a failure Social Security: Personal accounts; let young opt out Health Care: Against mandated insurance & managed care
Free Trade: Sovereignty instead of NAFTA & WTO Civil Rights: No affirmative action; no Marriage Amendment Technology: No network neutrality; no Fairness Doctrine Abortion: Life begins at conception; no stem cells
Energy & Oil: No to CAFE; yes to ANWR drilling Environment: Focus on property rights; ban Yucca ads Principles & Values: No dictating behavior; yes limited government Families & Children: No state overriding parental decisions

Mitt Romney
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: Foster democracy with resolve, not arrogance Gun Control: Ok to ban some lethal weapons Budget & Economy: Cut deficit; reduce pork; cap spending Education: Vouchers over teachers' unions
Homeland Security: Wiretap mosques; double Guantanamo Crime: Death penalty; One Strike you're out Government Reform: For line-item veto; against McCain-Feingold Jobs: Farm subsidies; incentives for training
War & Peace: Stay in Iraq until secret withdrawal Corporations: Close loopholes; protect smaller companies Tax Reform: Tax cuts raise revenues; fees ok Welfare & Poverty: Supports workfare
Immigration: No tuition breaks; but no job enforcement Drugs: Fight for drug war Social Security: Private accounts; honor commitments Health Care: State-based plans with mandates plus market
Free Trade: Open markets abroad Civil Rights: No gay marriage; help women & minorities Technology: Invest in infrastructure; expect change Abortion: Sanctity of life; but was pro-choice
Energy & Oil: Drill ANWR; develop nuclear & coal Environment: Tough on Big Dig; focus on clean environment Principles & Values: Learns from mistakes; ran Olympics; Mormon Families & Children: Strengthen families

Selected Senate Candidates

George W. Bush
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: Befriend Americas; pressure Russia Gun Control: More gun laws; more gun rights Budget & Economy: Simplify & cut taxes Education: Local control; testing; vouchers
Homeland Security: Rebuild military; focus on terrorism Crime: Death; 2 Strikes; less parole Government Reform: Limit terms & judges & lawsuits Jobs: Improve economy thru job growth
War & Peace: Stay in Iraq; more $ for war on terror Corporations: Gov't out of marketplace Tax Reform: Simplify & reduce taxes Welfare & Poverty: Faith-based Armies of Compassion
Immigration: Guest worker program needed Drugs: More education; more laws; abstinence Social Security: Lockbox & privatize Health Care: Reform HMOs & Medicare
Free Trade: More trade; imm. maybe Civil Rights: Anti-quota; anti-gay marriage Technology: No Y2K lawsuits Abortion: Pro-life; no litmus test
Energy & Oil: Drill ANWR; energy overrules CO2 Environment: Deregulate; voluntary cleanup Principles & Values: Compassionate conservatism Families & Children: Abstinence; V-chip; tough laws

Dick Cheney
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: Hard-line interventionist; UN irrelevant Gun Control: Few restrictions if any Budget & Economy: Cut taxes; invest in Homeland Security Education: Pro-standards; pro-prayer; Jobs
Homeland Security: More funding; more SDI; more anti-terror Crime: Stricter penalties; death penalty Government Reform: Line Item Veto; less regulation Jobs: Help small business; limit unions
War & Peace: Focus on Saddam and WMDs Corporations: No Halliburton influence Tax Reform: No tax increases; especially on oil Welfare & Poverty: Private provision; less WIC
Immigration: Toughen deportations Drugs: More involvement in Drug War Social Security: Some privatization; end Earnings Test Health Care: Limit federal role; limit lawsuits
Free Trade: Trade comes second to security Civil Rights: Some gay rights; fewer women's rights Technology: More R&D; less telecomm rules Abortion: Pro-life; pro-stem-cell
Energy & Oil: Conserve AND drill Environment: Pro-grazing; pro-hunting Principles & Values: Hard-line conservative; but cooperative Families & Children: $ for pre-school; character ed.

Al Gore
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: Internationalist & intereventionist Gun Control: More gun laws Budget & Economy: Fiscal discipline; cut waste Education: Smaller classes; more programs & pay
Homeland Security: Build down nukes Crime: 3 Strikes; death; COPS Government Reform: Reinvent Government Jobs: No vouchers; keep public
War & Peace: War OK to stop ethnic cleansing Corporations: For MFN & WTO entry Tax Reform: Reinvention & some cuts Welfare & Poverty: Faith-based volunteerism
Immigration: Tough laws with Second Chance Drugs: Keep Drug War; except medical pot Social Security: Protect Trust Fund & Medicare Health Care: Incrementally insure 15 million
Free Trade: Open trade; open imm. Civil Rights: Pro-ADA & women's rights Technology: Pro-V-Chip; Triana; Genome; Internet Abortion: Strongly Pro-choice
Energy & Oil: Earth is in the balance; cut CO2 Environment: More parks; less cars Principles & Values: Reinvent Govt Families & Children: Protect kids from smut; drugs &tobacco

John Kerry
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: Favor NATO; IMF; UN Gun Control: A hunter, but restrict gun rights Budget & Economy: Cut the deficit Education: No vouchers; charters ok
Homeland Security: More troops; more spies Crime: No death penalty; no 3 strikes Government Reform: No PAC money; yes line-item veto Jobs: Raise min. wage; help minorities
War & Peace: Yes on Iraq War; no on extra funding Corporations: Close loopholes Tax Reform: No tax cuts; add 10% bracket Welfare & Poverty: Partner with NPOs and for-profits
Immigration: Earned legalization with restrictions Drugs: Reduce demand; reduce penalties Social Security: Never privatize nor extend age Health Care: Control costs; cover everyone
Free Trade: NAFTA yes; labor & env yes Civil Rights: Federal DOMA but no state DOMAs Technology: Invest in high tech Abortion: No restrictions
Energy & Oil: Raise CAFE; no ANWR Environment: No forest roads; no Yucca dump Principles & Values: Common sense values Families & Children: More $ for children programs

Joseph Lieberman
International IssuesDomestic IssuesEconomic IssuesSocial Issues
Foreign Policy: For NATO & IMF; anti-proliferation Gun Control: More gun restrictions Budget & Economy: Reduce debt; fund private R&D Education: More standards; more funding; try vouchers
Homeland Security: More $ for R&D; pro-SDI Crime: More jails; victim's rights; death penalty Government Reform: No term limits; yes campaign reform Jobs: $7 min. wage; farm subsidies
War & Peace: Strong supporter of Iraq war Corporations: Restrict bankruptcy Tax Reform: Cut taxes, but not too much Welfare & Poverty: Raise min.wage; more Enterprise Zones
Immigration: Pro-immigration Drugs: More penalties Social Security: Some privatization; some reform Health Care: Insurance for all; limit lawsuits
Free Trade: For Fast Track Civil Rights: For some gay rights & aff. Action Technology: V-chip; e-government Abortion: Pro-choice; parental consent OK
Energy & Oil: Keep Kyoto; ANWR; not CAFE Environment: Strengthen enviro enforcement Principles & Values: Centrist "New Democrat" Families & Children: Fight "anything goes" culture

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