Hillary Clinton in It Takes a Family, by Rick Santorum

On Abortion: Partial birth exceptions for life-threatening abnormalities

In 2003, Sen. Hillary Clinton [commented] about the anatomically correct drawings I used to demonstrate the partial birth abortion procedure:

CLINTON: The visual aids show a perfectly formed fetus, and that is misleading. We should have a chart that demonstrates the tragic abnormalities that confront women forced with this excruciatingly difficult decision.

SANTORUM: Do we consider a child who may have an abnormality to be less of a child?

CLINTON: Does the Senator's legislation make exceptions for serious life-threatening abnormalities or babies who are in such serious physical condition that they will not live outside the womb?

SANTORUM: No, if--

CLINTON: That is the point.

SANTORUM: Do you want to create a separation in the law between those children who are perfect and those children who are not? The Americans with Disabilities Act says we treat all of God's children the same.

CLINTON: I value every single life and every single person.

Source: It Takes A Family, by Sen. Rick Santorum, p.258-261 Apr 30, 2006

On Families & Children: OpEd: "It Takes A Village" really means big government

Hillary Clinton made a splash several years ago with her book "It Takes a Village." Those are the words at the beginning of an African aphorism that concludes, "to raise a child." And certainly there's a great deal of truth in that aphorism. But here is the key point that cuts through all of the noise of conservatives and liberals debating social policy: Who is the Village?

Certainly Sen. Clinton didn't mean for us to take the aphorism LITERALLY; her book did not focus on the problem of not enough authentic villages. Rather, she intended "the village" to be understood METAPHORICALLY. Liberals like Sen. Clinton see "the village" as society as a whole--influenced by, directed by, supported by, the supposed goodness of big government.

Conservatives see "the village" as, well, the village: the local community, with the family at the center of it. We believe that only strong families can improve the lives of individuals, especially children, and make for healthy communities.

Source: It Takes A Family, by Sen. Rick Santorum, p. 65-67 Apr 30, 2006

On Technology: $90M grant for Children and Media Research

One of the roles that government is uniquely capable of playing is providing parents with research on the pop culture industry. I am a strong advocate of federal investment in research regarding the impact on media content on children in particular. I stood with Sens. Brownback, Lieberman and Clinton to introduce a $90 million federal grant program to support research into the effects of viewing and using all types of media--including TV, computer games, and the Internet--on children's physical and psychological development, The Children and Media Research Advancement (CAMRA) Act would establish research into the role of media on the development of children from infancy through adolescence.

There have been thousands of studies investigating the impact of media violence on kids, but little in the area of sexually explicit me

Source: It Takes A Family, by Sen. Rick Santorum, p. 341-342 Apr 30, 2006

The above quotations are from It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good, by Rick Santorum.
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