Leadership and Crisis, by Gov. Bobby Jindal: on Foreign Policy

Barack Obama: OpEd: Claims "poverty causes terrorism" but they're educated

Most suicide bombers are well-educated and have a generally higher socio-economic status. Nevertheless, the Obama administration continues to cling to the "poverty causes terrorism" theory because it supports the social work approach to national security that it favors.

If the Obama administration were to admit that Islamic terrorists are not motivated by poverty but rather by an evil ideology, that would require a paradigm shift in the way it approaches terrorism. They'd have to admit the existence of evil, name the enemy, and acknowledge that military power rather than more anti-poverty programs must be the central means to fight and win.

Our president has made a bad habit of apologizing to foreign audiences for America's supposed transgressions. This groveling needs to end--now. The American president must proudly represent the world's greatest democracy to the world. It is naive to think these apologies gain us respect--they simply convey a dangerous lack of confidence.

Source: Leadership and Crisis, by Bobby Jindal, p.257-258 Nov 15, 2010

Bobby Jindal: America is exceptional & should remain the greatest country

I believe America should remain the greatest country in the world. When I was a kid, that was safe to say and aspire to. Not so today. There are many political leaders in America today who don't like the sound of that. They cringe at the thought of American exceptionalism and superiority. It strikes them as unsophisticated, unrefined, kind of "cowboyish." They think our aspirations of leadership are arrogant evidence of a fundamental intolerance of other nations and their cultures. They believe America should be content to settle in our place as just another country in the family of nations. They are ashamed we would seek to be the greatest country in the world.

I am not ashamed. I am proud that America is exceptional. The stronger America is, the safer the world is. We have a moral responsibility to make our country stronger and unashamedly export our ideals of freedom & democracy to all who would fulfill the divinely inspired potential of every living soul on this planet.

Source: Leadership and Crisis, by Bobby Jindal, p.172 Nov 15, 2010

John McCain: Create League of Democracies, instead of UN with dictators

Because UN membership is open to any two-bit despot, the organization has become corrupt and dysfunctional. McCain has proposed creating a League of Democracies. Comprising only democracies, it would better reflect our values and better protect US security. Although such a league would present a valuable way to coordinate our actions with our allies, we also have to be prepared to go it alone. No one--no person, country, or international organization--should have veto power over American security.
Source: Leadership and Crisis, by Bobby Jindal, p.252-253 Nov 15, 2010

Ronald Reagan: Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid

During the Cold War, most scholars and Washington experts assumed the Soviet bloc was a permanent fixture in global affairs. The simple fact is that history is moved and shaped by the actions of leaders and by the courage of nations. As Reagan said, "Evil is powerless is the good are unafraid."
Source: Leadership and Crisis, by Bobby Jindal, p.251 Nov 15, 2010

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