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Charlie Hardy: Invest in public transit

Our infrastructure--the roads, bridges, and water systems that connect us--must be improved. We need to invest in public transit, and far more renewable energy. I will work hard to make sure that tax dollars help create a more reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible infrastructure and energy supply.

These policy priorities reflect progressive values that I have championed for decades as a public speaker, writer, priest and pastor.

Source: Democracy For America on 2014 Wyoming Senate race Aug 19, 2014

Liz Cheney: Internet sales tax is just another way to tax people more

Q: What specifically can you point to and say that you would have been a able to block in the Obama agenda that Mike Enzi failed to block?

CHENEY: We talked about ObamaCare; I would not have participated in the "gang of six".

Q: But he passed it without a single Republican vote.

CHENEY: This is not just about voting; it's about whether or not the Republicans have new voices to stand up and mobilize people on our side to begin to roll this back. Secondly, Senator Enzi's hallmark piece of legislation that he's done with Dick Durbin, one of the most liberal members of the United States Senate. That's the Internet sales tax. And I fundamentally believe either you're on the side of the government has got plenty of money, we need to have people more of their own money, or you're looking for ways to tax people more. The Internet sales tax is a way to tax people more. As Wyoming senator, I would, every single day, be fighting to help people in Wyoming keep more money in their own pockets.

Source: Fox News Sunday: Q&A on 2013 Wyoming Senate debate Nov 17, 2013

Matt Mead: Diversify Wyoming economy with petaflop supercomputer

We must continue to look for ways to diversify our economic base. We have made some headway. The NCAR facility in Cheyenne will house a one petaflop supercomputer. A petaflop is equal to one quadrillion computer operations per second. From bytes to petaflops, we've come a long way in computer technology and, with the supercomputer; Wyoming is in the thick of things. Wyoming's weather, energy availability and affordability, and location make our state a good fit for tech and other businesses.
Source: Wyoming 2012 State of the State Address Feb 13, 2012

Matt Mead: Expand state teleconferencing & state cloud computing

State government must set an example of leadership and use of Information Technology (IT). We must expand our use of teleconferencing. We must have a single agency in state government that consolidates IT services. Senate File 33 will take us there.

I was pleased to announce last year that, for the first time, we managed, through cloud computing, to get state employees on the same email system. This cloud computing system provides for greater collaboration. Cloud computing makes our email a stronger tool by providing, for the first time, an easy method for every state employee to email any state employee and for the public to do likewise.

The backbone of IT technology is broadband. When I took office, the state's major broadband provider had only two towns in Wyoming capable of high speed gigabit broadband. Thanks to a public-private partnership, this company expanded this capability to an additional 18 Wyoming communities.

Source: Wyoming 2012 State of the State Address Feb 13, 2012

Matt Mead: Additional $52 M in highway funding

I support the additional $52 M in funding for highways and $52 M in funding for local governments (most of which should go to capital construction). That extra money this year will make reasonable progress toward addressing our infrastructure and local needs. Our interstate highways and railroad network connect us in all directions with other states and others parts of the country and should help make us a business hub.

The highways, especially, are important for business, personal, and tourist travel. I support additional supplemental appropriations this year for highways.

Highway construction needs a reliable source of added funding (on top of those sources that now exist like gas taxes and federal funds). The recommended $52M in supplemental funding this year makes reasonable progress on highway construction. Those dollars should be used to do what is needed most in 2011.

Source: 2011 Wyoming State of the State Address Jan 12, 2011

Matt Mead: Recruit mega data centers: we have the weather & the land

We also have an established track record with the NCAR supercomputer being built in Cheyenne. I support the allocation of $14.5 M in general funds for the recruitment of multiple mega data centers. Such centers bring support businesses and other enterprises along with them. They are a business magnet.

I supported the bill passed last year that exempted qualifying computer equipment from sales and use taxes. I thought last year's bill provided an attractive and appropriate incentive for businesses--and I would call for reasonable additions this year, like for computer software, to improve upon it.

Source: 2011 Wyoming State of the State Address Jan 12, 2011

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