State of Wyoming Archives: on Crime

Charlie Hardy: Reform the injustice of the criminal justice system

He said the American criminal justice system is a mess. The United States has 5 percent of the world's population but 25 percent of the prison population. That must be reformed. "I didn't realize the injustice of the justice system," he said.
Source: Powell Tribune coverage of 2014 Wyoming Senate race Mar 18, 2014

Matt Mead: Wyoming has 4th lowest rate of violent crimes

[A recent] report noted that Wyoming has the fourth lowest rate of violent crimes and the sixth lowest unemployment rate. The report also cited the high percent of our adult population, age 25 years or older, that are high school graduates. At 92.3 percent, our state ranks first in the nation. Congratulations Wyoming. I am pleased to report the state of the state is strong. We have a citizenry that while small in numbers is big in spirit and accomplishment.
Source: Wyoming 2012 State of the State Address Feb 13, 2012

Dave Freudenthal: $50M for separate facilities for juveniles

It is time that we have a degree of uniformity in this state about how we treat juveniles. We have allocated $50 million of stimulus money to a series of juvenile detention facilities around this state. These facilities create options, so when we have juveniles that need to be detained they can be taken someplace other than hard lockdown with adults. Adults, whose offenses usually far exceed anything we would like these young people to be around.
Source: Wyoming 2010 State of the State Address Feb 8, 2010

Tim Chesnut: No parole for repeat offenders; but at-risk programs too

Source: Wyoming 2004 Congressional National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2004

Dave Freudenthal: Provide prisoner job rehabilitation & alternative sentencing

Source: 2002 Wyoming Gubernatorial National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2002

Dave Freudenthal: Support the death penalty