State of Oregon Archives: on Abortion

Mark Callahan: Abortion is murder

Q: Under what circumstances should abortion be allowed?

Callahan: None. Abortion is murder. There are always other options to abortion.

Source: 2016 AFA Action iVoterGuide on Oregon House race Nov 8, 2016

Kevin Stine: No new federal law restricting access to abortion

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right"?

A: Strongly support. There should not be any new federal law restricting access.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Oregon Senate race with OnTheIssues Jan 1, 2016

Bud Pierce: Accessible contraceptives & family planning services

Bud Pierce understands the importance of preventative screenings and access to healthcare services. He will ensure women have access to quality and affordable healthcare and family planning services. Oregon has taken great strides to be a pioneer in providing accessible contraceptives, but it needs to make sure that these services are safely administered and our women receive the appropriate care at all stages of life.
Source: 2016 Oregon Gubernatorial campaign website Dec 9, 2015

Mark Callahan: You are either Pro-Life or you are not

Pro-Life: life begins at conception: I am 100% Pro-Life. I believe that you are either Pro-Life or you are not.

As a conservative, I was endorsed by Oregon Right-To-Life during my 2012 campaign for State Representative.

Source: 2016 Oregon Senate campaign website, Oct 9, 2015

Monica Wehby: Abortion is a personal choice

Wehby has said the government shouldn't be involved in same-sex marriage and abortion is a personal choice.

"We already have a Democratic senator, we don't need another one," [her primary opponent] Conger said. "No Republican candidate will win by being more of a Democrat than a Democrat." Conger opposes abortion

Wehby believes she could pull women voters and independents into her camp because the "normal attacks" used against Republicans like the "war on women" would be ineffective against her.

Source: Statesman Journal on 2014 Oregon Senate debate Mar 9, 2014

Monica Wehby: Abortion is a personal decision

Portland pediatric neurosurgeon Monica Wehby was once again the only one of the GOP candidates to express support for abortion rights, which she called a "personal decision." That won her a fair amount of applause among the 150 conservative activists at a Portland debate sponsored by the Western Liberty Network.

The other three candidates --Rep. Jason Conger, County Republican Chair Jo Rae Perkins and Mark Callahan--all expressed their opposition to abortion.

Source: The Oregonian on 2016 Oregon Senate race Jan 25, 2014

Jim Huffman: Pro-choice but Roe v. Wade was a bad decision

Wyden charged Huffman had contradictory positions on abortion. Huffman told people in Western Oregon that he was pro-choice on abortion, said Wyden, but in Eastern Oregon, Huffman said the Supreme Court made a bad decision in legalizing abortion with its 1973 landmark ruling on Roe vs. Wade. Huffman replied that was not a contradiction.

"You can be pro-choice and still believe Roe vs. Wade is a bad decision," said Huffman, who taught constitutional law.

Source: coverage of 2010 Oregon Senate debate Oct 22, 2010

Jim Huffman: Supports abortion rights, but no federal funding

Huffman, who has taught constitutional law for 37 years at Lewis & Clark Law School, where he also served as dean, says he's socially moderate and fiscally conservative. He supports abortion rights, though no federal funding for abortion, and civil unions for gay couples. He says he differs most fundamentally from Wyden in his view that government should have a limited role in American lives.
Source: Oregon Live coverage of 2010 Oregon Senate Debate Oct 8, 2010

Jim Huffman: Pro-choice, but issue has corrupted politics

Huffman says that the abortion issue has "corrupted American politics for way too long" and that it is so difficult because, unlike most individual rights cases, it pits the rights of two individuals--the mother and the unborn--against each other. If forced into one camp or the other, he says he would be characterized as pro-choice.
Source: Elizabeth Hovde, columnist in The Oregonian Mar 6, 2010

Jeff Merkley: Public funding for stem cell research

Source: Oregon State Legislative Voting Records Jun 21, 2007

Tom Vilsack: Informed consent is government telling women what to do

Informed consent laws often mandate that a woman is given inflammatory and medically inaccurate materials, emphasizing alleged medical risks and the state's preference for childbirth through biased "counseling" and pictorial depictions. As Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack commented, informed consent laws "are about government prescribing what a woman should think about, when a woman should think, and for how long a woman should think. This goes beyond the appropriate role of government."
Source: 2016 Veepstakes:, "Waiting periods" Feb 24, 2007

Winona LaDuke: Supports a woman’s right to choose

Winona Laduke believes strongly in many things. She believes it’s a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. “ I see a lot of men talking about what women should do with their bodies, but not women”, she said.
Source: U-wire article, “Native Week at Oregon State” May 23, 2000

Winona LaDuke: Choice means quality of life for low-income families

LaDuke said that men are concerned with the idea of freedom of choice, but the ones in power do not work to take care of the children that have already been born, providing quality health care for low income families, making sure children receive the child support they need and health care above all.
Source: U-wire article, “Native Week at Oregon State” May 23, 2000

Jeff Merkley: Abortions should always be legally available

Source: Oregon State 1998 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1998

John Kitzhaber: Abortions always legally available, & government funded

Source: Oregon Gubernatorial 1998 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1998

Kate Brown: Abortions should always be legally available

Source: Oregon Legislative 1996 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1996

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