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Wendy Long: Rebuild our military into an overwhelming American force

I pledge to you, my fellow New Yorkers, that if elected I will [support the following policy on the] Military: Support rebuilding our military into an overwhelming American force to pursue peace through strength; commit to total victory over Islamic terror and jihad and to preventing a nuclear Iran; and support reform of the VA to eliminate corruption and incompetence and deliver to our veterans the quality and speed of health care that they deserve.
Source: 2016 N. Y. Senate campaign website Aug 31, 2016

Elise Stefanik: A well-funded Fort Drum helps North Country's future

The North Country understands the special pride, tradition and history of the United States military. The brave men and women stationed at Fort Drum and their families sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms, both abroad and at home. We can never thank them enough.

Home of the 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum is not only integral for maintaining our strong national security, but it is also the largest employer in New York State. Elise is committed to being an advocate in Washington to ensure that Fort Drum is well-funded for a long, successful future in Northern New York.

We must keep the promises and commitments we've made to our military veterans by ensuring needed services and care are always available and delivered in a timely fashion. Elise will be a strong advocate for all veterans and military families in the North Country.

Source: 2014 N. Y. House campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

John Katko: Provide resources for constant state of military readiness

Our military men and women represent the very best of our country, and we owe a debt of gratitude to them and their families for the sacrifices they have made.

Our military men and women ask little and sacrifice much. Regardless of their station location, they are on the front lines everyday serving and protecting the American people. They must be ready to act anywhere in the world on a moment's notice. But they cannot be in a constant state of readiness if they lack necessary resources.

Source: 2014 N. Y. House campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

Lee Zeldin: Freedom is because America's military is strong

Fighting for You: Protecting our Citizens: America is the beacon of freedom because America's military is strong. Our foreign policy and military decisions have profound consequences for our national security, for the security of our allies, and for the global economy.

As a proud veteran who appreciates the sacrifices all veterans have made to protect our freedoms, I not only look out for their interests, I fight hard every day to make sure they have everything they need and deserve.

Source: 2014 N. Y. House campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

Andrew Cuomo: $15M for nation's 1st college dedicated to homeland security

Governor Cuomo last month earmarked $15 million in his state budget proposal for what he called "the nation's first college dedicated solely to emergency preparedness and homeland security."

New York has had nine federally declared disasters in three years and that it is a potential target for man-made threats. "New York must have a world-class emergency response network, and the new college will help train aspiring professionals, policy leaders, emergency managers and first responders," Cuomo's spokesperson said.

Lawmakers are generally in support of investing more money in preparing the state for natural and man-made disasters, but some question whether a new college for homeland security is the answer. Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, the chairwoman of the Assembly's higher-education committee, said that among her concerns is that there are already schools with related programs, among them John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Long Island University, and Adelphi University.

Source: Homeland Security Newswire: 2014 N. Y. gubernatorial race Feb 21, 2014

Kirsten Gillibrand: No across-the-board budget cuts to anti-terrorism

Gillibrand used it to blast sequestration that would require across the board budget cuts to areas like federal anti-terror funding. Referencing Wednesday's thwarted terrorist attack in New York City, Long said it's further evidence that the United States must stand with Israel in ensuring Iran does not have nuclear capabilities while
Source: New York Daily News on 2012 N. Y. Senate debate Oct 17, 2012

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