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John Jay Lee: Doesn't know how child porn got on his iPad, called police

Lee addressed the 2014 story surrounding child pornography found on his iPad. He said he opened a link that contained the pornography and went to police as soon as he realized the material was on his computer. Both the North Las Vegas Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation looked into the situation, and the FBI ruled it did not have enough information to file any charges. "I did not do anything wrong, and I look forward to putting an end to that story," Lee said.
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal on 2022 Nevada Gubernatorial race May 16, 2021

Catherine Cortez Masto: Supports peer-to-peer counseling & privacy for law officers

Cortez Masto introduced legislation to encourage the adoption of law enforcement peer counseling programs and protect the privacy of officers. "Peer-to-peer counseling provides valuable mental health support to law enforcement, but a lack of resources and concerns over confidentiality remain barriers to entry for too many departments," said Senator Cortez Masto. " It's time we support public safety officers across the country who are bravely seeking the mental health care they need."
Source: Senate press release for 2022 Nevada Senate race Mar 11, 2020

Steve Sisolak: Help inmates ready to go straight

I am recommending we add new staff who will focus on supporting mental health and substance abuse programs and handling the increased caseload in the Parole and Probation division. This will be coupled with an increased investment in a pilot program aimed at providing education and skills training for inmates. In the first year of this program, over 80 percent of the inmates enrolled graduated with either credits going towards a traditional college degree or a pre-apprenticeship experience.
Source: 2019 State of the State address to the Nevada legislature Jan 16, 2019

Steve Sisolak: Ease cash bail requirements to reduce incarceration

Q: Criminal Justice: Ease cash bail requirements to reduce incarceration?

Adam Laxalt (R): Unknown.

Steve Sisolak (D): Yes, though for more minor offences.

Source: 2018 Issue Guide on Nevada Governor race Oct 9, 2018

Jacky Rosen: Fund law enforcement as robustly as necessary

US Senator Dean Heller toured the Washoe County Sheriff's Office crime lab. Heller says it is vital to get caught up on the backlog of untested sexual assault kits in Washoe County. "We're helping survivors," Heller says. "They need to know that we're doing everything we possibly can."

[Opponent Jacky] Rosen shared a similar sentiment, saying law enforcement should have all the necessary resources they need. "When I'm there I'm going to continue to fund them as robustly as necessary," Rosen says.

Source: KOLO-8 News Now NBC on 2018 Nevada Senate race Aug 24, 2018

Adam Laxalt: Penalties for criminals; justice for victims

One of the things I'm most proud of during my time as Attorney General is the tremendous success my office has had in promoting the safety of Nevada's communities. We have taken important and effective steps to increase penalties for criminals, to secure justice for their victims, and to protect the most vulnerable of our citizens. As your Governor, I will continue to promote policies that keep Nevadans safe from dangerous criminals, including drug traffickers and sex offenders.
Source: 2018 Nevada Gubernatorial website Nov 7, 2017

Adam Laxalt: Increased penalties for Medicaid crimes & human trafficking

The Nevada Attorney General's office, frustrated at not having bills heard before the Legislature, sent two letters in conjunction with two law enforcement groups on requesting hearings on a package of public safety. Laxalt requested hearings on four bills:"These common sense criminal justice proposals are the result of collaboration among law enforcement and other stakeholders over the past two years, and are deserving of the Legislature's consideration," the letter reads. "We respectfully request they be scheduled for hearings and passed at the earliest possible opportunity."
Source: Reno Gazette-Journal: Nevada voting record AB53/55/58/73 Apr 4, 2017

Brian Sandoval: Reform juvenile justice system to reduce recidivism

A group of legislators, judges and policy makers studied our juvenile justice system and concluded it is in need of reform. They found that state and county agencies spent $95 million on the supervision of justice-involved youth, yet across our state there is no standardized method to track outcomes, or ensure that evidence-based practices are being utilized.

We know that some youth have multiple encounters with the courts, often leading to long-term supervision & incarceration. We can do better. That's why I'm introducing the Juvenile Justice System Reform Act, which streamlines and standardizes criteria to match youth with the most effective services.

To that end, my budget includes $1.5 million to implement a statewide risk assessment program. These changes should result in reduced recidivism rates and improved outcomes for youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Nevada Legislature Jan 17, 2017

Ruben Kihuen: End the for-profit prison industry in America

Reforming the way our police interact with citizens is just one small step. Fundamentally we must reform the way our system works. Currently the for-profit prison industry makes nearly $5 billion a year incarcerating disproportionately young minority men. No one should profit off of the imprisonment of any person. Period.
Source: 2016 Nevada House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Ruben Kihuen: Require police body cameras, to address injustice

I grew up in the heart of North Las Vegas, and I have seen first-hand the distrust between police and the minority communities they are meant to serve. As we see more police overreactions like Ferguson and Baltimore and unjust killing of young minority men, we must take immediate, tangible action to address injustice.

That's why in the legislature I supported legislation to require police to wear body cameras. This commonsense step helps protect our citizens and our police.

Source: 2016 Nevada House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

John Jay Lee: Audit the cost of capital punishment

AB501: Provides for an audit of the fiscal costs of the death penalty.

Analysis by Center Right NV blog: AB501 calls for the legislative auditor to examine the costs of capital cases compared to non-death penalty cases. The study includes pre-trial, trial and appeal costs, plus how much it costs to keep an inmate on death row.

Veto message analysis by Nevada Prison Watch blog analysis of Veto Message: Sandoval was not convinced it would be a fair audit. "The bill lists the costs to be assessed in determining the overall fiscal impact of the imposition of the death penalty, but it does not specify how it is these costs will be assessed," the governor said. Sandoval said that death row inmates make "individualized litigation choices" that drive up the costs of their cases.

Legislative Outcome: Passed Assembly 28-14-0 on Apr/25/11; Passed Senate 11-10-0 on May/28/11; Senator Lee voted YES; Vetoed by Gov. Sandoval on May/31/11.

Source: Analysis of Nevada legislative voting record AB501 May 28, 2011

Mark Amodei: Support the use of the death penalty in Nevada

Source: Nevada Congressional 2002 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2002

Mark Amodei: End parole for repeat violent offenders

Source: Nevada Congressional 2002 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2002

Kenny Guinn: Supports the death penalty

Source: 1998 Nevada Gubernatorial National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1998

Kenny Guinn: End parole for repeat violent felons

Source: 1998 Nevada Gubernatorial National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1998

Steve Sisolak: More prisons; more death penalty; more mandatory minimums

Source: 1996 Nevada National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1996

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