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Jacky Rosen: Cut wasteful spending; get rid of burdensome regulations

In Congress, Jacky Rosen will work hard to foster job creation and invest in things that create jobs - like our energy and transportation infrastructure, public and technical schools, and high-tech research. As a computer programmer, Jacky spent her career trying to help people work smarter, not harder, and getting rid of inefficiency. She'll work to cut wasteful spending, get rid of outdated and burdensome regulations, and fight fraud.
Source: 2016 Nevada House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Ruben Kihuen: Wall Street blames homeowners for the foreclosure crisis

The 20 wealthiest Americans--who could fit in a single Gulfstream luxury jet--now own more wealth than half of the American population. Average Americans work longer hours for less pay. This growing wealth and income inequality is simply unacceptable.

We didn't get here by accident. Congress is controlled by the wealthy and the elite, by Wall Street bankers and billionaires, who have rigged the system against working families to protect their own bottom line.

Many, especially those on Wall Street, want to blame me and millions like me who lost their homes in the foreclosure crisis. But the truth is that this wasn't a case of a handful of Americans making bad financial decisions. It was widespread fraud by large banks and Wall Street bankers looking to turn a quick profit at the expense of people's financial security and well-being. Worst still, after the economic collapse, the same elite that ruined so many lives and so many dreams demanded that the American people bail them out.

Source: 2016 Nevada House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Joe Heck: Eliminate our debt, spurring economic growth

Q: Please state your top three priorities if elected.


  1. Eliminate our debt, spurring economic growth and job creation.
  2. Remove regulations that hamper businesses' ability to grow while supporting protections for consumers, employees, and the environment.
  3. Support patient-centered healthcare reforms making quality healthcare more affordable and accessible.
Source: League of Women Voters: 2016 Nevada Senate Race Sep 19, 2016

Bob Beers: Common sense: borrow in tough times, but then pay it back

Beers told KNPR's State of Nevada that the most important thing he would bring with him to Washington, if he was elected, is "economic common sense."

"As I look at what goes on in Washington, D.C., that is a component that is largely absent," Beers said. The councilman says he believes the government can borrow during tough economic times but it must pay it back. "So for 80 years, we've spent more than we've taken in and I believe that injures us and it will definitely injure our children and it will really injure our grandchildren," Beers said.

He said local and state government are restrained from wild spending but the federal government doesn't have the same restraint. "It's just common sense. You can't do this," Beers said.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal coverage of 2016 Nevada Senate race May 6, 2015

Brian Sandoval: We passed a balanced budget post-Great Recession

Two years ago, we gathered in a different time, under different circumstances. As I stood before you on that evening, our state was reeling from the ravages of the Great Recession. Nevada led the nation in unemployment, housing foreclosures, and personal bankruptcies. State revenue projections had dropped dramatically, and we faced budget cuts in every category.

That evening, I asked the Nevada family to embrace a fundamental course correction--to leave behind the limits of the past and consider the case of our state's future anew. The challenges of the moment were too complex to resort to tired partisanship. Rather, they demanded that we resolve to work together to meet the challenges of the 21st century. And we rose to the occasion.

In the final days of the 76th Legislative Session, we were able to work together to craft a bipartisan compromise that led to a balanced budget & a transformed economic development effort.

Source: 2013 State of the State address to Nevada Legislature Jan 16, 2013

Kenny Guinn: Change government to deal with explosive growth

For a decade, we have led the nation in growth. As a result of this tremendous growth, we will be given a third seat to amplify our voice and enhance our position in Congress. But growth also brings its share of challenges. Nevada’s school enrollment is increasing at three times the national average, we lead the nation in growth with our senior citizen population, our transportation system must constantly improve to avoid gridlock, and our health care system is strained by the ever-increasing demands placed upon it.

Two years ago, I stood before you in this chamber and declared that we would have to cut funding for many programs even though the state’s revenues were growing. We had to change the way Nevada did business, and change we did. I directed the most comprehensive review of Nevada state government in our history, and we identified numerous ways we could cut costs and become more efficient and responsive in delivering services to our citizens.

Source: 2001 State of the State Address to the Nevada Legislature Jan 22, 2001

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