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Allen Weh: Defense spending has been cut too much

Defense spending has now been cut to levels that threaten our national security.
Source: 2014 N.M. Senate campaign website, Feb 18, 2014

Allen Weh: Defense spending has been cut too much

Source: 2014 N.M. Senate campaign website, Feb 18, 2014

David Clements: Defend the missions of our military labs and bases

New Mexico has a storied history of being at the forefront of protecting our country and must continue to play a vital role in our national defense and related research. I am fully committed to fighting for and defending the missions of our labs & bases.

The defense of the nation against foreign military aggression is the most critical role the federal government possesses. In providing for the common defense, we must always maintain the most modern and efficient military, capable of a prompt and overwhelming response to any attack on the United States. This power includes maintaining superior intelligence in the field, communication technology, and anti-ballistic missile capabilities that are suitable to detect and decisively counter any strategic danger.

Senator Tom Udall has consistently failed to defend our installations. Udall played politics and chose not to vote for a bill that would have funded our labs and bases, leaving many hard working families in a state of uncertainty.

Source: 2014 N.M. Senate campaign website, Feb 18, 2014

Hector Balderas: Reduce some defense spending by drawing down wars

Q: What would you cut from Defense spending?

Balderas: I support the president's budget to reduce some defense spending. I would be supportive of drawing down spending in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Heinrich: We can't afford to do everything anymore. I do believe it's time to look at troop levels in Europe. Says he'll fight for New Mexico jobs at institutions like Kirtland.

Q: If forced to choose between sparing New Mexico's labs and military bases, which would you choose?

Heinrich: The right way to balance the budget is to bring the troops home, roll back Bush tax cuts and grow the economy.

Balderas: There are meaningful opportunities to do business with less resources. You can probably take 10 percent off the top. We shouldn't be pitting facilities against other facilities.

Heinrich: I'm willing to make cuts where there's waste or abuse.

Source: KOAT-7 live blogging of 2012 N.M. Senate debate Jun 3, 2012

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