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Steve Bullock: Create jobs by investing in roads and bridges

I ask you to join Representative Jeff Welborn and me in Building Montana; creating 4,000 good-paying construction jobs by investing over $300 million into bridges, water and sewer systems, schools and roads. And let's do it without raising taxes or endangering our solid financial position.

HB 5 Legislative Summary:

Source: State of the State on 2015 Montana voting records: HB 5 Jan 28, 2015

John Bohlinger: Digital privacy threatened by warrantless NSA invasions

John Bohlinger said Tuesday he will use his Senate campaign to lead an effort to add digital privacy protections to the Montana Constitution. Bohlinger said civil rights are threatened by warrantless invasions by the federal National Security Agency. He wants to expand constitutional restrictions on warrantless searches to cover digital communications.

Bohlinger said his effort would send a message to federal agencies even if the Montana Constitution would not bind them. It takes nearly 50,000 signatures from registered voters to change the Constitution. Bohlinger said he will lead the signature-gathering effort.

The announcement came a day after many Silicon Valley leaders escalated pressure on President Barack Obama to curb US government surveillance programs that vacuum personal information off the Internet and threaten the technology industry's financial livelihood. Bohlinger said he wants Montana to lead the nation in protecting electronic communications from government spies.

Source: Ravalli Republic on 2014 Montana Senate race Dec 10, 2013

John Walsh: Digital privacy threatened by warrantless NSA invasions

John Bohlinger said Tuesday he will use his Senate campaign to lead an effort to add digital privacy protections to the Montana Constitution. The Walsh campaign said Walsh backed state legislation earlier this year to require local governments to get warrants for cellphone information. Walsh said in a statement that "no government has business spying on the lives of law-abiding Montanans." He said the nation can be kept safe without "warrantless prying."
Source: Ravalli Republic on 2014 Montana Senate race Dec 10, 2013

Steve Bullock: Put state government spending online, in searchable database

I've pledged to bring a more effective government to Montana--and we're doing that already, too. This Thursday, for the first time ever, Montana's checkbook will be online. We'll have a searchable database so that any Montanan--or anyone in the world, for that matter--can look at how we are spending the taxpayers' money. It's the right thing to do and it'll lead to a more effective government.

While there are some things I can accomplish without your active engagement and partnership, there are other areas where we need each other if we are going to make progress.

Crafting a budget is one of those areas where we need each other. Montana is the envy of other states: our unemployment is lower and our economy sounder. While nearly every other state's budget is awash in red ink, thanks to good fiscal management, Montana has amassed a half-billion-dollar budget surplus.

Source: 2013 State of the State Address to Montana legislature Jan 30, 2013

Jon Tester: Stimulus for Going-to-the-Sun National Park roads

Tester defended the $830 billion stimulus bill, saying it paid for, among other things, part of the Going-to-the-Sun Road reconstruction project in Glacier National Park and the Kalispell U.S. 93 bypass, as well as supporting fire departments and police departments.

Rehberg described the stimulus as a failure. "You don't spend $1 trillion and hope to create an asset. I don't think government should be picking winners and losers. Government should be creating an environment of liberating Main Street."

Source: Daily Inter Lake on 2012 Montana Senate debates Oct 14, 2012

Dennis Rehberg: Montana solutions: rural transportation infrastructure

Rehberg persistently hammered Tester as a front-man for the Obama administration. Tester touted legislation he sponsored or supported to help seniors, veterans and the uninsured.

Tester dismissed claims that he's sided with Obama and the Democrats on the vast majority of issues. He cited the auto industry bailout, proposals to regulate farm dust and youth labor and the removal of wolves from the endangered list as instances when he's gone against members of his party.

Rehberg spoke of the need for "Montana solutions" and declared his support for government assistance to ensure rural areas of the state are provided adequate highways and air and train service.

Source: The Republic on 2012 Montana Senate debates Jun 17, 2012

Judy Martz: Eliminate geography as a business issue, via E-Government

The new Research and Commercialization Board offers an excellent balance of scientific credentials and business sense, demonstrating that research is a state priority. 100% of the state now has local dial-up connection to the Internet. High-speed cable modem and DSL services are being deployed not only in Montana’s large population centers but also in remote communities with populations of 1,000 people or less.

The Advanced Telecommunications Infrastructure Act passed in the last legislative session has helped accelerate the growth of high-speed telecommunications infrastructure throughout the state. The tax credits issued under the Telecommunications Act will keep us in the forefront.

Elimination of geography as a business issue means more and better jobs for Montanans statewide. With our new E-Government initiative, citizens will be able to dial up to find out about the expenditures of their tax dollars, register to vote, and obtain licenses and permits online.

Source: 2001 State of the State Address to Montana Legislature Jan 25, 2001

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