State of Missouri Archives: on Gun Control

Eric Schmitt: Opposed charging couple brandishing guns at BLM protestors

Following form, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has recently capitalized on the McCloskeys' disingenuous turn from terrified personal injury lawyers with a thin understanding of gun safety to righteous defenders of "our civilization." Spurred by an elevated national profile after he vocally opposed charging the couple for brandishing firearms at innocent people--a crime in the state--Schmitt announced his campaign for Senate.
Source: Jezebel webzine on 2022 Missouri Senate race Apr 2, 2021

Nicole Galloway: Supports background checks, close loopholes on sales

On guns, Galloway says, she supports universal background checks and the closure of loopholes on the private sale of firearms. "The majority of Missourians agree with me," she claims. According to the 2018 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, approximately 90 percent of Missourians do support "background checks for all sales, including at gun shows and over the internet."
Source: St. Louis Magazine on 2020 Missouri gubernatorial race Feb 8, 2020

Mike Parson: Doesn't have a problem with background checks

Parson said he was a strong proponent of the Second Amendment. "You have to be careful that you are not taking their rights away, but I think we need to look at all things," Parson said. "Whether that means more law enforcement on the ground, whether that means the mental health side of it, whether that means social media today--yeah, I think (those who express the will to harm) should be flagged sometimes." He said he "doesn't have a problem" with more robust background checks.
Source: Kansas City Star on 2020 Missouri Gubernatorial debate Aug 15, 2019

Nicole Galloway: Favors background checks & red flag laws

Galloway told reporters she favors gun safety measures that have bipartisan support at the national level like universal background checks and closure of gun-purchase loopholes. She also endorsed "red flag" laws, which allow courts to temporarily remove firearms from their owners if they express interest in harming themselves or others. "There are things that can be done to make our communities safer and we should not shy away from that," Galloway said.
Source: Kansas City Star on 2020 Missouri Gubernatorial debate Aug 15, 2019

Nicole Galloway: Current governor problem in enacting gun laws

"St. Louis, Springfield, and Kansas City are all in the top 12 most dangerous cities in the nation. In Virginia Beach, when there was a shooting, and 12 people lost their lives, the governor and legislature went back into session and immediately debated common-sense gun safety laws," says Galloway. "Twelve kids have died in St. Louis and (the governor) says it's not his problem and he needs to stay in his lane. If helping families is not in his lane, then he needs to get out of the way."
Source: Fox-2-Now on 2020 Missouri Gubernatorial race May 17, 2019

Claire McCaskill: Supports background checks and assault rifle ban

Q: Support more restrictive gun control legislation? Restrict semi-automatic weapons?

Josh Hawley (R): Supports background checks, banning bump stocks, but not assault rifles.

Claire McCaskill (D): Yes. Supports Second Amendment, but supports background checks, closing gun show loophole, assault rifle ban.

Source: 2018 Issue Guide on Missouri Senate race Oct 9, 2018

Josh Hawley: Supports background checks but not assault rifle ban

Q: Support more restrictive gun control legislation? Restrict semi-automatic weapons?

Josh Hawley (R): Supports background checks, banning bump stocks, but not assault rifles.

Claire McCaskill (D): Yes. Supports Second Amendment, but supports background checks, closing gun show loophole, assault rifle ban.

Source: 2018 Issue Guide on Missouri Senate race Oct 9, 2018

Mike Parson: For 2nd Amendment rights; keep federal government at bay

Mike Parson is a tireless supporter of our Second Amendment rights and has voted not only to expand the Castle Doctrine, but also to protect our rights from being infringed upon by an overzealous federal government.
Source: 2018 Missouri Gubernatorial campaign website Sep 18, 2018

Josh Hawley: Stronger gun control background checks; ban bump stocks

President Trump's effort to ban bump stocks has the support of Josh Hawley, Missouri's attorney general and a Republican running for U.S. Senate against the Democratic incumbent, Sen. Claire McCaskill. Hawley, speaking to reporters after formally filing paperwork to run for Senate, fielded˙multiple questions about firearms in America. He said he supports˙some gun-control measures, such as improving the background check system used by weapons dealers with federal firearms licenses.
Source: Springfield News-Leader on 2018 Missouri Senate race Feb 27, 2018

Austin Petersen: My ideal: gay couple defends pot farm with machine gun

Petersen said he believes strongly in expanding this right to expression for everyone. He said he strongly supports the First Amendment and Second Amendment and said his idyll [sic; ideal] was gay married couples having the right to defend their marijuana farms with fully automatic machine guns.
Source: Southeast Arrow on 2018 Missouri Senatorial race Nov 17, 2017

Tony Monetti: Gun ownership is a guaranteed right

I am committed to upholding safe and responsible gun ownership. The Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. Legal gun ownership is a right guaranteed to all responsible citizens and should not be infringed. One way to secure and protect the 2nd Amendment is to work towards the support of Constitutional Originalists to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Source: 2018 Missouri Senatorial website Oct 15, 2017

Austin Petersen: Petersen raffles off an AR-15

Your right to bear arms is a fundamental, unalienable right protected by the Second Amendment. The government has no power to take away our means of self-defense. Austin Petersen will always be a strong ally of the Second Amendment, and we know you will be too. That's why, when you add your name to this petition and stand up to defend the Second Amendment, we'll add your name into a raffle to win an AR-15! Yes, it really is that simple; no strings attached.
Source: 2018 Missouri Senatorial website Oct 1, 2017

Jason Kander: Support 2nd amendment rights AND background checks

I'm Jason Kander [wearing a blindfold and assembling a rifle as he speaks].

Senator Blunt has been attacking me on guns. [Inserts bolt release lever and then bolt carrier].

Well, in the army, I learned to use and respect my rifle. In Afghanistan, I volunteered to be an extra gun in a convoy of unarmored SUVs. And in the state legislature I supported Second Amendment rights. [Attaches receiver to barrel assembly].

I also believe in background checks so the terrorists get their hands on one of these [assembling last piece into place and removing blindfold]. I approve this message [extends shoulder stock and locks it into place with a loud click] because I'd like to see Senator Blunt do this.

[Removes blindfold and holds fully-assembled rifle.] [Text: Jason Kander for U.S. Senate]

Source: AdWatch on 2016 Missouri Senate race Oct 5, 2016

Chris Koster: Endorsed by NRA; overrode veto of gun rights

The Democratic nominee, Attorney General Chris Koster, was a GOP state senator until switching parties in 2007. He's won endorsements this year from the National Rifle Association and Missouri's major agricultural organizations, all of whom typically support Republicans.

Koster backed the GOP Legislature's hallmark accomplishment--a 2014 income tax cut enacted by overriding Nixon's veto--and also sided with Republicans when they overrode Nixon's veto of a gun-rights law this September.

Source: Associated Press on 2016 Missouri Gubernatorial race Oct 1, 2016

Eric Greitens: Protect our freedoms, including the Second Amendment

As a conservative outsider, my priorities will be jobs, education and restoring trust in our government. Missourians are desperate for quality jobs because politicians have let them down. I will enact ethics reform to end the culture of corruption and protect our freedoms - including the Second Amendment. As a Navy SEAL, I know how vital gun rights are to our security.
Source: LWV's on 2016 Missouri Gubernatorial Race Sep 19, 2016

Catherine Hanaway: Right to bear arms differentiates America as a free nation

Ever since I was a Marksman First Class in the NRA as a girl, I have always believed that the right to bear and carry arms is what differentiates America as a truly great and free nation. We cannot stop fighting to protect our Second Amendment rights. As Speaker of the House, I supported concealed carry and persuaded 18 Democrats to join us in overriding the Governor's veto. Making concealed carry the law of Missouri for the first time was one of my greatest legislative achievements. I will always support the Second Amendment. An armed citizenry is, as ever, the best defense against tyranny. Action Plan:
Source: 2016 Missouri campaign website May 10, 2016

Lester Turilli: Constitution is clear, so just encourage responsibility

Encourage responsibility in gun usage, along with education. ˙The˙Constitution is clear in allowing Americans the right to bear arms. I am a gun owner and use firearms in hunting. Understanding and familiarity of firearms is key to safety.˙Hunter safety courses provided by the˙Missouri Department of Conservation˙have been an excellent instructional program for gun safety for new and old hunters.˙Education on guns, ammunition, and laws are helpful in reducing accidents and promoting responsibility.
Source: Email interview on 2016 Missouri candidacy by OnTheIssues Apr 25, 2016

Eric Greitens: Defend right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms

THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS CLEAR. I believe we must always defend the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. I am a life member of the NRA and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.
Source: 2016 Missouri Governor campaign website Oct 9, 2015

Peter Kinder: Led fight to pass right to carry law

Peter led Missouri Republicans in the fight to pass right to carry, and he holds the NRA's highest A+ rating.
Source: 2016 Missouri Gubernatorial campaign website Sep 9, 2015

Chris Koster: Supported voter amendment on right to bear arms

Koster is under increasing pressure from leaders of his own party. This summer, Koster backed the controversial "right to farm" and "right to bear arms" amendments that voters decided this summer. Many Democrats opposed those ideas.
Source: Kansas City Star on 2016 Missouri gubernatorial race Oct 17, 2014

Jason Kander: Keep restrictions for concealed carry; don't loosen them

HB 668 Firearm Regulation Amendments
Bill Passed House (105 - 50) ; Rep. Jason Kander voted Nay
Source: VoteSmart synopsis of 2009 Missouri voting records Apr 16, 2009

Nancy Farmer: Supports assault weapon ban and other restrictions

Source: 1996 Missouri National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1996

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