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Angelica Earl: Guaranteed family leave

Having a baby is a traumatic experience to a woman's body. For that reason and because a mother and father deserve time to be parents, I will push for parental leave protections for new parents. It's essential that both the mother and father get time with their new born knowing that their position at work is being held. I will push for child care assistance for every American family.
Source: 2018 Missouri Senatorial website Sep 15, 2017

Eric Greitens: Let parents decide how to spend special needs funding

We need to make sure that every child in Missouri, especially those kids with special needs, get a fair shot at the American Dream. I will work with you to implement Education Savings Accounts for children with special needs. Education Savings Accounts are simple. Kids with special needs have IEPs, individualized education plans. With education savings accounts, parents are able to use their fair share of state education money in a way that fits with what their kids need.

Arizona was the first state in the country to try these accounts, and the program has been a success. Parents are much happier with their children's educations, and children are able to get the kind of education that meets their needs. Special needs families know their children best. And it is time we gave control back to those parents, to select the best possible education for their children.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Missouri Legislature Jan 17, 2017

Lester Turilli: Encourage fathers to lead their families by example

Q: Your comments on the statement, "Comfortable with same-sex marriage"?

A: Encourage fathers to lead their families by example and in love promotes a stronger society.ˇI have been married to my wife of 22 years and have 3 children. The self-worth and identity that shape children come from the family unit. Statistics show marriages which stay intact have fewer problems financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually for both children and their parents. I understand the difficulties and challenges families face as we raise our own children in the present culture. ˇ"Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4).

Source: Email interview on 2016 Missouri candidacy by OnTheIssues Apr 25, 2016

Jay Nixon: We need childcare and parental leave

Another way we can continue to strengthen our economy is by strengthening Missouri families. Finding good, affordable childcare is a challenge for every working family in America--and especially those with low incomes. That's why my budget makes child care more affordable for 20,000 low-income working families, reducing their out-of-pocket costs. And this year, we are going to expand family-friendly policies like parental leave for state employees.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Missouri legislature Jan 20, 2016

Jay Nixon: Made insurance cover therapy for autism

When I took office, insurance companies didn't cover therapy for thousands of Missouri kids with autism. Today, thousands of children are receiving life-changing therapy because we worked together and passed landmark autism legislation. And with increased funding in my budget, we will build a new autism.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Missouri legislature Jan 20, 2016

Catherine Hanaway: Children before marriage has impoverished women & children

Hanaway points to out-of-wedlock births as proof that "sexual permissiveness" is harming women. Having children before marriage "has impoverished women," Hanaway continues. "It has reduced their access to educational opportunities. It has impoverished and endangered their children. It has forced those children to grow up in households where their mothers have to work to make it economically viable for them to exist, and with no fathers. How is that culture good for women and children?"

Hanaway continues by saying that the cultural acceptance of unmarried mothers is a slippery slope that leads to the toleration of child pornographers: "If you pursue this course that sexual permissiveness is to be valued, which is the liberal framework, and that you should protect sexual permissiveness through abortions & other things, you lead to a conclusion where every sexual preference is acceptable. An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that those who have a sexual preference for children are evil."

Source: St. Louis Riverfront Times: 2016 Missouri gubernatorial race Feb 4, 2015

Bob Holden: $3M for more local domestic violence shelters

A safety issue that demands our attention is the silent sickness of our society known as domestic violence. For too long, much of this abuse has been kept hushed up behind locked doors because women are afraid to report it. Some feel some misguided sense of shame as if they have asked to be battered. Or they simply donít know where to turn. And the effect of this abuse is even more devastating on the children in these families.

Only 46 of our stateís 114 counties have domestic violence centers and support for battered women and their children. What is truly shocking about the situation is the number of women and children turned away. I strongly recommend an additional $3 million for local domestic violence shelters next fiscal year. [I also propose] a task force to develop a strategic action plan for how we can coordinate and integrate our approach to domestic violence, based on needs and priorities.

Source: 2001 State of the State speech in Missouri House Chambers Jan 30, 2001

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