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Clay Higgins: Dismantle Common Core; dismantle Education Department

Common Core is an uncommonly poor idea even by government standards. We've grown accustomed to ridiculous government programs but Common Core seems to have been derived by hippies on acid in DC. It makes no sense... none. Common Core is an indicator of just how far we have fallen as a nation. If I have anything to say about it, Common Core will be history.

Regarding the Federal governments role in education, I would greatly diminish or completely dismantle the U.S. Department of Education. (Also referred to as ED or the Education Department.) It's another segment of the 4th Branch of our federal government that we don't need. The state of Louisiana has the LADOE. That's enough. School choice and the education of our children is best decided on a local level by loving parents and dedicated teachers.

Source: 2016 Louisiana House campaign website Dec 10, 2016

Clay Higgins: College education has become more of burden than benefit

In my family if a child wants to go to college they can get a job and pay for it or join the military and let them pay for it. A college education has become more of a burden on the graduate than a benefit. There was a time, not long ago, when college tuition was essentially affordable and upon graduation a college grad could pretty much count on a good job. Now, because of out of control salaries to administrators and liberal professors, who commonly seem driven to indoctrinate our youth with leftist principles, a college grad finally leaves the campus with a hundred grand of debt or more... and frequently no job to be found. Some of the finest colleges in America are those who accept zero federal dollars and are thus free to instruct their students according to historically traditional American precepts of higher education. As a Congressman, I would support endeavors to reduce the role of the Federal Government in American colleges.
Source: 2016 Louisiana House campaign website Dec 10, 2016

Foster Campbell: Fight for public schools with $1 billion Excellence Fund

Campbell, 69, was a state senator from 1976 to 2002 and has served on the Public Service Commission regulating utilities, phone and trucking companies since 2003. He said his record for helping people is unassailable, as he has demonstrated by fighting against predatory payday loan companies and fighting for women and public school education.

He sponsored a bill that waives utility connection fees if a domestic violence victim relocates away from her abuser. He helped establish a $1 billion Educational Excellence Fund to help fund public schools from part of the proceeds from the huge, multi-year settlement of litigation against big tobacco companies.

Source: Baton Rouge Advocate on 2016 Louisiana Senate race Sep 18, 2016

Thomas Clements: Supports homeschooling and vouchers

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the statement, "Vouchers for school choice"?

A: Home schooling competition would make our schools better. Vouchers OK for church childcare and church schools.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Louisiana Senate race by OnTheIssues Jul 31, 2016

Jay Dardenne: Common Core's high standards move LA in the right direction

We need to build on the compromise reached by the Legislature this session to keep the current Common Core standards in place while the BESE works with parents, teachers, and administrators to develop even stronger Louisiana-based standards. The current high standards have started to move Louisiana schools in the right direction, and it is important that we keep that momentum going.

Implementing higher standards won't change our schools overnight. We need to give teachers and administrators the necessary time to implement these standards.

In the long-term, our education system will dictate the strength of our economy. High standards that allow our children to compete with students across the country and the world will ensure we have the competitive workforce necessary for continuing to grow our economy. It also ensures that our kids are prepared to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

Source: 2015 Louisiana Governor's campaign website Sep 9, 2015

Jay Dardenne: TOPS cannot be sustained without capping costs

Education will be my first priority, meaning I'll fund it first. I'm a huge supporter of TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students) and think it is the most popular thing that the Legislature of Louisiana has ever done. However, it cannot be sustained under its current cost, as it was underfunded by $19-million this fiscal year. I would have signed the bill to cap TOPS, a measure that Governor Jindal vetoed.
Source: WRKF 89.3-FM on 2015 Louisiana Gubernatorial race Aug 31, 2015

David Vitter: Get Louisiana out of Common Core

David believes that dramatically improving K-12 education is our single biggest challenge long-term. He'll get Louisiana out of Common Core and instead establish Louisiana standards, testing, and accountability that are as or more rigorous. And he'll work to boost reading skills in the early grades, empower parents and school-based leaders, and emphasize skills training opportunities in high school.
Source: 2015 Louisiana Governor campaign website, Aug 11, 2015

John Bel Edwards: Replace Common Core with more K-12 school funding

On the controversial topic of Common Core Standards, Edwards said, "I oppose Common Core standards in their current form for many reasons, but chiefly because they promote an over-reliance on testing to inform all aspects of teaching and learning, which misinforms parents about the quality of public schools in our state."

Edwards highlighted that he has "never flip-flopped on this issue," citing his vote against Common Core in the last legislative session.

On school letter grades, Edwards concluded, "A bad school letter grade is much more likely to indicate the level of poverty than the quality of teaching. A recent study of sixteen states that use school letter grades stated what we have always known: they are invalid and misinform parents."

Edwards pointed to his leadership on increases to K-12 spending at the state level, saying, "I am responsible for the only increases in K-12 funding in the last seven years. $140 million worth. Bobby Jindal didn't ask for it. I did it anyway.

Source: 2016 Senate campaign website, Aug 11, 2015

David Vitter: No federal incentives to get states to adopt Common Core

Vitter won congressional budget passage of measures to bar the federal government from coercing or incentivizing states to adopt Common Core, or provide subsidies for House and Senate members' health insurance, though the budget's provisions don't have the effect of law.
Source: Times-Picayune coverage of 2015 Louisiana Gubernatorial race May 29, 2015

Garret Graves: Oppose nationwide standards like Common Core

Q: People should be able to vote without photo identification?

GRAVES: Strongly Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Louisiana House race Sep 30, 2014

Ralph Abraham: Oppose nationwide standards like Common Core

Q: People should be able to vote without photo identification?

ABRAHAM: Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Louisiana House race Sep 30, 2014

Bobby Jindal: $141M more to train students for the jobs of the future

We have tens of thousands of jobs in the pipeline that must be filled, and our next challenge is to ensure we have the skilled workforce to fill these jobs of the future. Economists have recently said they have never seen an industrial expansion like the one under way in Louisiana, but have also warned that we must do a better job training skilled workers that will be needed to fill the demand for jobs at the major industrial and high tech projects coming to Louisiana.

That's why our top priority this legislative session must be making sure we have the resources to prepare our students and train them for the jobs of the future.

In order to help meet this goal, our budget for next year will increase total higher education funding by over $141 million. This funding includes a new higher education workforce incentive initiative of $40 million that will better prepare Louisiana students to compete in the new global economy.

Source: 2014 State of the State address to the Louisiana legislature Mar 10, 2014

Jeff Landry: Empower parents with home school, charters, & church schools

We need to ensure educational decisions are made by parents not bureaucrats. We need to adopt policies that empower parents to make decisions about their own child's education--including home school, charter schools, church-based schools and other alternatives. This allows parents to determine the best course of action in raising our state and nation's children up to be responsible adults. We need to make sure the school system's priority is quality students, not unions or bureaucracies.
Source: 2010 House campaign website, "Issues" Nov 2, 2010

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