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Hunter Hill: I fought to defend our values in Afghanistan and Iraq

I am running to cast a bold vision for Georgia that can only come about with true, conservative leadership. Republicans have an opportunity to bring about sweeping change in Georgia, and I refuse to stand by and simply mark time. Georgians expect and demand results, and I am ready to deliver.

In the coming months, I'm going to take my message directly to Georgians. I am dedicated to America's founding values and principles of God-given rights, limited government, free enterprise and expanded liberty. I have fought to defend these values in Afghanistan and Iraq and in the Georgia Senate.

Source: 2018 Georgia governor campaign website May 2, 2017

Jon Ossoff: Avoid reckless, destabilizing missteps like the Iraq War

In Congress, Jon will push for a tough, smart foreign policy that protects our national security while avoiding reckless, destabilizing missteps like the Iraq War.

As an investigative film executive, Jon has managed high-risk operations in conflict zones. Last year, one of his investigative teams documented evidence of war crimes on the front line in Iraq. His teams have also exposed the corrupt theft and black market sale of foreign aid funded by American taxpayers.

Source: 2017 Georgia House campaign website, Apr 21, 2017

Jon Ossoff: Destroy ISIS without deploying regular US ground forces

Jon will oppose unnecessary military intervention overseas and will only support the use of force where US national security is at stake.

Jon will back efforts to destroy ISIS without deploying regular US ground forces. He will work to ensure that law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the military have the resources and authorities necessary to prevent terrorism without sacrificing privacy and human rights. Jon will vigorously oppose the torture of detainees and prisoners of war in US custody.

Source: 2017 Georgia House campaign website, Apr 21, 2017

Drew Ferguson: Distrust ill-conceived nuclear "deal" with Iran

After the ill-conceived nuclear "deal" with Iran was negotiated (if that is the right word) by Secretary of State John Kerry, Iran's economy was and is expected to grow quickly (unlike ours).

For starters, as part of that nuclear "deal," the sanctions against Iran were lifted at the beginning of this year. Also the United States paid Iran the one-and-half-billion (yes, with a "b") dollars we "owed" them. But with the nuclear "deal" in place, we can rest comfortably. Of course, Iran will keep its word and follow the letter of the law in the agreement it signed.Wait-and-see? How long should we wait? Why would be would expect to see anything different? Iran cannot be trusted. Period.

Source: 2016 Georgia House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Drew Ferguson: Radical Islam will always be an enemy to the world

In my opinion, all terrorists are cowards. When you target the lives of innocent civilians, you merit no mercy. We have seen time and time again that you cannot make deals with terrorists. It is time that our leaders take action and show resolve in response to the recent bombings in Brussels.

The time to act is NOW. Radical Islam will always be an enemy to the world. We cannot sit by idly and wait until terror strikes again. Our loved ones and neighbors could be the next targets. It is up to us.

Source: 2016 Georgia House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Jim Barksdale: No wars of choice without clear purpose & exit strategy

Honoring our Veterans means not going into unilateral wars of choice, like Iraq in 2003, where there is not a clear purpose or exit strategy.

Jim's top priority is keeping Americans safe. At times, American foreign policy choices have led to decisions that have ultimately not made us safe, like the disastrous 2003 Iraq War that Jim vigorously opposed.

The Iraq War cost way too much in American lives, distracted our focus from Afghanistan and finding Osama Bin Laden. The resulting instability has left the United States in the middle of a religious conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims and given rise to ISIS.

The war, paid for with borrowed money, also put significant pressures on our long term debt and short term deficits, and will continue to have significant budget consequences for the foreseeable future. It also put pressures on our VA system that must be addressed.

Source: 2016 Georgia Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Derrick Grayson: Non-intervention: Bring our troops home immediately

Source: 2016 Georgia Senate campaign website, Oct 9, 2015

Doug Collins: Afghan withdrawal when commanders say, on secret timetable

Q: Do you support United States' combat operations in Afghanistan?

A: As someone who has served on the ground in Iraq, I believe the best decisions regarding a withdrawal in Afghanistan should be determined by the commanders and military leaders we have overseas who defend our country day in and day out. I support a timetable that is put in place by these men and women, but I feel we must not allow our enemies to learn of any definite plan.

Source: Georgia Congressional Election 2012 Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2012

Doug Collins: Iran is an imminent threat to the US

Q: Should the US use military force in order to prevent Iran from possessing a nuclear weapon?

A: I believe Iran is an imminent threat to the US and also one of our greatest friends, Israel. Protecting our citizenry from any threat--foreign or domestic--is an obligation the federal government must uphold;

Source: Georgia Congressional Election 2012 Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2012

Rand Knight: Get out of Iraq within 12-18 months

We need to get out of Iraq as quickly as possible. This war is bankrupting our country. Itís making it impossible for us to invest in our own people. We are building roads and schools and hospitals for countries half way around the world where they are teaching children to hate America while we ignore our own people who are in despair on the streets.

We have a massive opportunity to invest in renewable energy and jobs in this country and instead weíre dumping money in a country because they have oil. I doubt if there were not one drop of oil in Iraq that we would have been there this long. If it were human rights that we were concerned about, we would be helping the people of Darfur and other countries.

We need to withdraw within the next twelve to eighteen months & have the United Nations security force help us out. Right now our leaders have no exit strategy and we are ignoring the pain of our own people.

Source: Georgia 2008 Democratic Senate Primary Debate Jun 30, 2008

Vernon Jones: Shift responsibility of Iraq to Iraqi people & government

Itís been almost five years since President Bush flew in on an aircraft carrier and declared ďMission Accomplished.Ē Yet, we still donít know the mission in Iraq and what was accomplished.

We must shift the responsibility of Iraq to the Iraqi people and their government. The answer to this war is not solely a military one. There have to be diplomatic solutions and I am prepared to provide the leadership to help determine the solution and complete this mission.

Source: 2008 Senate campaign website, Jun 3, 2008

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