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David Walker: CT is last nationally in roads & critical infrastructure

Connecticut is tied for last place nationally with Illinois in connection with the condition of its roads and the quality of critical infrastructure. The normal congestion on a several major highways in Connecticut is simply unacceptable. We must modernize the state's critical infrastructure and deal with congestion to increase mobility and improve the state's competitiveness. This should include considering electronic tolling and additional public/private partnership options.
Source: 2014 CT Lt. Gubernatorial campaign website, Jul 2, 2014

David Walker: Create comprehensive integrated state data system

Connecticut needs to create a comprehensive and integrated state data system to facilitate more evidence-based decision making and incorporate more effective transparency and accountability mechanisms. This should include appropriate benchmarking with other states and analysis of both direct and indirect (e.g., tax) expenditures.
Source: 2014 CT Lt. Gubernatorial campaign website, Jul 2, 2014

Chris Murphy: Invest in local infrastructure & stronger Buy American laws

Both candidates agreed that the government needed plans to bring more jobs to the country but presented different ideas on how to cut unemployment.

Bysiewicz proposed closing tax loopholes that encourage companies to set up shop overseas and making changes to NAFTA. She also advocated for more federal funding for scientific research and development. "It's that kind of investment that can help create jobs, and something that the federal government has not been doing, and should," Bysiewicz said.

Murphy proposed stronger "Buy American" laws, which would have the federal government buy more U.S.-made products. He also pitched in repairs to roads and rail lines, which he said would not only create construction jobs but also improve the local economy in general. "If you want to bring jobs to Connecticut, you have to focus on infrastructure," Murphy said. "As long as we're locked down in getting people and goods from the major economic hubs in New York and Boston, the jobs are locked out."

Source: Easton Daily Voice on 2012 CT Senate debate May 24, 2012

Chris Murphy: Massive infrastructure spending; great deals now

When asked how they would reenergize the U.S. economy, Murphy said he'd back a large federal investment in public works projects. "Costs for construction are the lowest in a generation," he said. "You can get great deals today...on building new roads, bridges or rail lines. In addition, we've got the highest construction unemployment in the country...we should be making a massive investment in roads and bridges and infrastructure."

Bysiewicz said the economy will not fully recover until the housing crisis is dealt with. She favors a plan to charge a small tax on every securities transaction. Such a charge would generate $150 billion annually; she said she'd use the bulk of the money to provide mortgage relief to middle class homeowners. The rest would be invested in renewable energy projects, she added. Murphy said he also supports a transaction tax.

Source: Hartford Courant on 2012 CT Senate debate May 24, 2012

Richard Blumenthal: Engage private sector to gather intel for homeland security

Q: Do you consider it good luck or good planning that we have not had a major terrorist attack on American shores?

McMAHON: Both. The terrorists only need to succeed once, while we must get it right every single time.

BLUMENTHAL: While I am thankful that there has not been a successful attack on American shores since 9/11/2001, real threats remain. It is therefore vital that we use both military and non-military methods to target and attack the terrorists where they are. This includes targeting Al Qaeda's organizations in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen as well as its affiliates like Al-Shabaab in Somalia. At the same time, we must do more at home to remedy the unacceptable flaws exposed in our homeland security, by improving information sharing, bringing together the best technology and the most effective management strategies to get people working across agencies, and to engage the private sector to collect, understand, and mobilize information in real time to improve our national security.

Source: Connecticut Jewish Ledger coverage of 2010 CT Senate debate Sep 29, 2010

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