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Curtis Coleman: Use military force top prevent nuclear proliferation

Q: Do you support targeting suspected terrorists outside of official theaters of conflict?

Coleman: Yes

Q: Should the U.S use military force in order to prevent governments hostile to the United States from possessing a nuclear weapon?

Coleman: Yes

Source: Vote Smart Arkansas 2016 Political Courage Test Sep 1, 2016

Conner Eldridge: Provide resources to keep military strongest in the world

Conner's plan to keep America safeConner will strongly advocate for an aggressive, unapologetic foreign policy that is consistent with the US Constitution. Conner will fight to ensure our nation's military, intelligence and diplomatic communities have the resources they need to continue to be the strongest in the world and to protect Americans here at home and abroad. Those who would do us harm should understand that we will destroy them if they threaten or harm us.
Source: 2016 Senate campaign website, Aug 31, 2016

Conner Eldridge: Opposes Obama's Iran nuclear deal; needs more verification

Senate Democratic hopeful Conner Eldridge is distancing himself from President Barack Obama on a key foreign policy issue, opposing the Iran nuclear deal backed by the White House.

Eldridge said he opposes the agreement, which aims to curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for billions of dollars in relief from international economic sanctions: "I think the Iran deal is a bad deal for our country," Eldridge told The Associated Press. "Reaching this deal enables $100 billion or more to go to the largest state sponsor of terrorism. That's just not a good deal in my opinion."

Boozman and the other members of the state's all-GOP congressional delegation have criticized the deal. Eldridge said he didn't think the deal's verification measures are strong enough, and said he doesn't think the U.S. should negotiate the agreement without discussing Americans imprisoned in Iran.

Source: Associated Press on 2016 Arkansas Senate race Sep 10, 2015

Bruce Westerman: No way we can accept a nuclear Iran

There is no denying Iran's nuclear ambitions or its former president's declaration that Israel should be wiped off the map. At the same time Iran was negotiating the Joint Plan of Action in Geneva last November, Iranian technicians were visiting North Korea as part of a joint-development program for an ICBM-like launcher.

There is no way Israel or the United States can accept a nuclear Iran. It would pose an immediate threat to Israel and all Americans in the region. It will also allow Iran's surrogate groups a new weapon with which to terrorize the world. We must stand steadfast in opposition to Iranian nuclear capability; furthermore, we must ensure Iran is prevented from even having the capacity to make such a weapon. No final agreement with Iran should allow it to maintain any sort of uranium enrichment capacity (including centrifuges) or heavy water reactor, and must require a stringent inspection regime.

Source: 2014 Arkansas House campaign website, Oct 10, 2014

Mark Swaney: Iraq war was a waste, based on a lie

The Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, Mark Swaney, wants to tell voters why he is running for office. Swaney said he has a number of issues that differ from his Democratic and Republican opponents.

Swaney wants voters to know he thinks the Iraq war unnecessarily took the lives of many U.S. soldiers and cost the country trillions of dollars. "It did nothing to help Iraq or preserve our national security," Swaney said. "It was a war that was a waste, it was based on a lie and, as far as I'm concerned, those who served in the war served honorably and well. I have no problem with people who served in the war, but those who ordered the war and those who pushed us into that war are guilty or perpetrating a national disgrace. When I'm in office, I will do as much as I can to promote peaceful foreign policies."

Source: KAIT-8 on 2014 Arkansas Senate race Jul 26, 2014

Tom Cotton: Jihadists attack us for who we are

Q: There have been some calls for more ethnic profiling. Is there cooperation in the Muslim community?

Former NYC Mayor RUDY GIULIANI: You have to go where the evidence takes you. Profiling is perfectly legal and perfectly legitimate if you're following objective evidence. Unfortunately, a significant number of these attacks come about from this distorted Islamic extremist ideology. So you can't ignore it. You've got to go after it.

REP. TOM COTTON: The mayor makes the core point: that jihadists around the world don't attack us for the actions we take, they attack us for who we are. We are freedom's home, and we are freedom's defender. It didn't take Guantanamo Bay, it didn't take drones, to knock down those towers on 9-11. If we grounded every drone, if we close Guantanamo Bay, they'd find another pretext to attack us.

Source: Meet the Press 2013 interview on 2014 Arkansas Senate race May 5, 2013

Tom Cotton: Iraq War was just and noble

Q: What do you feel, in retrospect, about the Iraq War?

COTTON: The Iraq war wasn't just a noble war. I joined the army after 9/11, after the Iraq war was started. I joined in part because I wanted to go fight on the front lines. After the surge, I felt that we succeeded. And we have a generation of veterans whose accomplishments in Iraq we should celebrate; and now who are going to be leaders all around the country. We're going to make America a better place.

Q: Was it worth it to the lives that were lost there? Was it worth it with the trillions of dollars that we've spent there?

COTTON: I would say it was worth it, but it was also a little bit too soon to tell because there's nothing ever certain in human affairs. But if you look at the accomplishment of our troops in Iraq, they deposed an evil tyrant who was an aggressive international dictator. He had demonstrated the ability and the will to use weapons of mass destruction. Under those conditions, it was a just and noble war.

Source: CNN SOTU 2013 interview on 2014 Arkansas Senate race Mar 17, 2013

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