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Jay Williams: Health care is a basic human right

Healthcare is a basic human right. The Affordable Care Act has brought healthcare to millions of Americans, but Sen. Thune is working hard to take that away, without a plan to replace it. Later this year, South Dakota is expected to expand Medicaid, bringing healthcare to 55,000 South Dakotans. This is possible because of federal funds provided through the Affordable Care Act. Jay will work to ensure that all South Dakotans have access to quality, affordable healthcare.
Source: 2016 South Dakota Senate campaign web Apr 1, 2016

Gordon Howie: Repeal ObamaCare; it's not a government responsibility

Question topic: It is the government's responsibility to be sure everyone has health care and a livable income.

Howie: Strongly Disagree

Question topic: The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) should be repealed by Congress.

Howie: Strongly Agree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Sep 30, 2014

Rick Weiland: Give Medicare recipients a choice of private insurance

Q: How would you put Medicare on stronger financial ground and protect today's seniors and future retirees from rising health costs?

A: "The Medicare Choice Act will give all Americans a choice between Medicare, private insurance, or a combination of both." If elected, Weiland pledges to write, introduce, and fight hard to enact a new health care law that will give every American a choice between buying into Medicare, keeping his or her private insurance, or a combination of both. "The Medicare Choice Act, by simply allowing people to choose what they want, will make our entire health care delivery system cheaper, more responsive to the needs of patients and health care providers, and less responsive to the demands of either big money insurance giants."

Source: AARP Voter Guide on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Aug 31, 2014

Larry Pressler: Keep ObamaCare in place; we need it

Independent Larry Pressler talked about the need to keep ObamaCare in place. "As a practical matter, we need it. Maybe not in Sioux Falls or Rapid City but out across this state for many of our people. A lot of our people who are minimum wage."

Pressler says his priority is restoring bi-partisanship to Washington. "So rather than repealing ObamaCare--impeaching Obama and all this stuff--I am going to try and work with him."

Source: KSFY/ABC News on 2014 South Dakota Senate debate Aug 27, 2014

Rick Weiland: Push for public option to expand ObamaCare

Weiland is certainly no centrist like Heidi Heitkamp (ND). He's the rare critic of ObamaCare who says it doesn't go far enough; he opposes the controversial Keystone XL pipeline that remains popular with conservatives.

A campaign adviser said Weiland is framing his push for a public option as essentially support for allowing the public to buy into Medicare, which is popular with seniors, and his opposition to Keystone XL is appealing to farmers & ranchers who know it could hurt their water supply.

Source: The Hill blog on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Mar 25, 2014

Rick Weiland: Keep parts of ObamaCare that work, and add Medicare option

Q: What are the top issues?

A: I really think people feel that their government's no longer on their side. And we'll talk a lot about health care and what's wrong with the Affordable Care Act. I think there needs to be a Medicare choice option, to get people an opportunity if they want to buy into Medicare versus having to buy into private insurance.

Q: What kind of reaction do you get in those communities when you tell them you support ObamaCare and expanding Medicare?

A: What I say is that the Affordable Care Act was co-opted by big insurance companies and big drug companies and we didn't get a public option. What I like are the advancements in health care delivery: covering preexisting conditions, eliminating lifetime caps; and coverage up to 26 years old on the parent's plan. Somebody asked me today, 'Would you repeal ObamaCare?' I would repeal what's not working. I would certainly keep what is working. And what I would add to it is this Medicare choice option.

Source: Rapid City Journal on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Mar 10, 2014

Mike Rounds: Shut down ObamaCare but don't shut down government

Nearly every Republican candidate running for Senate in 2014 backs the GOP's push to use the threat of a government shutdown to defund ObamaCare--a sign of how popular they believe the plan is with conservative primary voters. Those supporting the GOP strategy include N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis (R), and Alaska Tea Party candidate Joe Miller (R).

Two notable exceptions are former S.D. Gov. Mike Rounds (R) and Alaska Lieutenant Gov. Mead Treadwell (R), who have not fully embraced the efforts. Rounds applauded the House bill, but he didn't go as far as saying he'd be willing to have the government shut down in order to force the issue.

"I support the House CR--keep government running and shut down ObamaCare," he said. "We don't know what (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid will do to the CR on the Senate side, but it's a fight worth having. This is a prime example of the importance of Republicans recapturing the Senate in 2014."

Source: The Hill on 2014 South Dakota Senate debate Sep 22, 2013

William Janklow: Re-pay med school tuition for doctors in needy areas

Were in the first year now of reimbursing school loans for doctors. Our program in unique. Rather than cutting tuition or loaning people money to go to med school, what we do is, for doctors who finish med school and their other training and then go out to critically short, unmet communities that have health care needs, if they stay there for three years, we pay for the cost of their education. We pay their loans when they come due that theyve taken out for the direct cost of their education.
Source: State-of-the-State Address to South Dakota House Jan 9, 2001

William Janklow: Fund newborn hearing-screening program

We have embarked on the newborn hearing-screening program that we talked to the Legislature about last year. We went out and purchased devices for nine hospitals that felt they couldnt afford to buy them. A year ago, 60%of all the children born in this state by the age of three months had had those hearing exams. Today, I can report to you that by July 1 of this year, 95% of all the children born in South Dakota will have the hearing exam by the time they are three months of age. There are about six out of every thousand that have serious hearing impairments. When they discover them at that age, there are phenomenal things that can be done in terms of early childhood intervention and in terms of assisting children to get started off on the right foot in life with various types of hearing maladies that they may have.
Source: State-of-the-State Address to South Dakota House Jan 9, 2001

William Janklow: Give nicotine patches free to anyone who asks

I am asking that the Legislature authorize us, utilizing the tobacco monies, to give free tobacco patches to anybody in South Dakota who is smoking and wants to quit. I want to do it without being a hypocrite, so Id just like to say publicly [that] no human being smoked more than I did, in more places than I did, legally and illegally. Thats what addiction will do. Im very fortunate in that medical science and prayer and a lot of effort by my family were able to fix the problems that I had, but not everybody will be as fortunate as I was. Patches are a proven way to help some people do it. Through school nurses and through the extension service and through the nursing homes and through the various hospitals in this state and even the various pharmacists, it would be very, very simple for us to set up very quickly a network that would assist in the distribution of these, for all practical purposes, at very little cost other than the cost of the bulk acquisition of these patches.
Source: State-of-the-State Address to South Dakota House Jan 9, 2001

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