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Andrew Cuomo: Prosecute violent hate as domestic terrorism

This issue of the anti-Semitism, but broader than just anti-Semitism, the hate, the anger, the division is the most frightening issue that keeps me up at night. I hate when government says, 'we offer thoughts and prayers.' Thoughts and prayers. Yeah, it's not your job. You're government. You don't do thoughts and prayers. You do something. I want to propose a domestic terrorism law because these people are domestic terrorists and I want them prosecuted that way.
Source: 2020 New York State of the State address Jan 8, 2020

Rob Astorino: Opposes gay marriage, but it's a non-issue

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is using his first major TV ads of this campaign to try to brand his Republican opponent, Rob Astorino, as an extreme conservative. A review of Astorino's public positions shows that while his anti-abortion stance, and his opposition to Cuomo's gun control law and to gay marriage aren't in step with most of the blue state, his views are shared by sizable minorities of New Yorkers.

Astorino, four years after Cuomo soundly beat the more unabashedly conservative Carl Paladino, has taken a more pragmatic approach to the hot-button issues than Paladino, trying to stake out nuances in his positions that could snare larger segments of voters.

But one state Republican Committee member said any claims that Astorino is an extremist is "a laughably inaccurate comment. He just won re-election in a Democratic county with a 2-1 Democratic enrollment."

Astorino argues that abortion and gay marriage are non-issues ginned up by Cuomo and the Democrats to energize their larger voter bloc.

Source: Newsday AdWatch on 2014 New York State gubernatorial race May 18, 2014

Rob Astorino: Opposes gay marriage, but it's the law of the land

As for gay marriage Astorino opposed it. But he said he won't try to erode the 2011 law. "Quite frankly, it was done the right way: through the legislature," Astorino said. "It was not done by a judge. That's the law of the land and I respect that."

[Although Cuomo portrays Astorino as an extremist in TV ads, one pundit] said Astorino can't objectively be seen as ultraconservative or an extremist: "If you talking about south of the Mason-Dixon Line, Astorino is a flaming liberal. Is he an extremist? I would say certainly not in temperament, but I don't think in policy, either."

Source: Newsday AdWatch on 2014 New York State gubernatorial race May 18, 2014

Andrew Cuomo: Marriage equality for ALL New Yorkers

For decades, millions of New Yorkers had been treated as second-class citizens by their own government. We ended that injustice. We stopped the discrimination. We made history. We led the nation. We passed marriage equality for ALL New Yorkers and we did it together. With this historic victory, New York is the largest state in the nation to grant same-sex couples the freedom to marry.
Source: 2012 New York State of the State Address Jan 4, 2012

Andrew Cuomo: $200M contract support to get 20% MWBE contracts

Last year, I created a Minority- and Women-Owned Business Task Force dedicated to expanding economic opportunities for minority- and women-owned business enterprises ("MWBE"). The MWBE Task Force has aggressively sought ways to expand opportunities for MWBEs. In this economy, obtaining credit is difficult for almost everyone, especially small and minority-and-women-owned businesses. MWBEs historically have not been able to compete with more established companies on large construction projects because they lack credit and capital. The state will address this problem by extending credit that will give MWBE contractors the backing they need to compete. This program will support at least $200 million in contracting for MWBE firms over a period of years. We will hit our target of doubling MWBE participation in state contracting to 20 percent.
Source: 2012 New York State of the State Address Jan 4, 2012

Andrew Cuomo: Improved services to 2 million residents with disabilities

We must transform the way we deliver services to our over two million residents with disabilities. We spend more than any other state on services and support provided both by our government and a vast array of nonprofit and private agencies. Yet New York ranks in the bottom quartile among states in serving adults with disabilities. This situation is fiscally irresponsible and morally unacceptable.

Many of the problems our disabled residents encounter are not the result of limited resources, but rooted instead in failures in the organization and management of services. We must develop a system that recognizes the potential of and the barriers faced by each individual we serve. We must focus on quality and prevention, and simplify and streamline access to services.

We must erase stigmas and ensure that the rights of people with disabilities are fully recognized and fully protected. In addition, we must do all we can to ensure the safety of those in our care.

Source: 2012 New York State of the State Address Jan 4, 2012

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