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Ted Budd: Lifetime NRA member; owns gun range and store

Currently, he is the owner of ProShots. When Ted Budd bought the business, ProShots was struggling, but it is now a thriving shooting-sports retail store, training center, and indoor range. As a lifetime NRA and Grassroots NC member and the owner of a gun range and store, Ted will not waver in defense of the freedoms protected by the 2nd Amendment.
Source: 2022 North Carolina Senate campaign website Apr 28, 2021

Dan Forest: Deeply skeptical of laws that undermine 2nd Amendment rights

Q: What restrictions on gun ownership are needed to protect public safety?

A: The Second Amendment protects the people's right to own and carry a firearm, and I am deeply skeptical of laws that undermine this Constitutional right. I don't believe we need new gun laws to protect public safety, but instead enforce existing laws against violent criminals and prevent the mentally ill from buying and accessing firearms.

Source: AFA iVoterGuide on 2020 North Carolina Senate race Nov 3, 2020

Cal Cunningham: Supports background checks & ban on high capacity magazines

Cal believes there are commonsense steps we can take to protect our communities from gun violence while protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens. Cal will work to keep our kids safe and to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, criminals, and terrorists by supporting efforts to expand background checks, ban the sale of high-capacity magazines, pass extreme laws, and fund gun violence research on an issue that has become a public health crisis.
Source: 2020 North Carolina Senate campaign website Jun 10, 2020

Cal Cunningham: Endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety for gun-sense majority

Everytown for Gun Safety threw its support behind 11 Democratic Senate candidates including Cal Cunningham in North Carolina.

"Everytown is going all-in to flip the Senate and elect leaders who will treat America's gun violence epidemic like the crisis it is," the Everytown President said. The group has targeted a number of key races in the House and Senate, emphasizing the need to protect what it calls a "gun sense majority," which is mostly comprised of Democratic candidates.

Source: The Hill e-zine on 2020 North Carolina Senate endorsements Jun 9, 2020

Al Pisano: Absolute right to gun ownership

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Absolute right to gun ownership"?

A: Support

Source: OnTheIssues 2020 interview on North Carolina Governor race Apr 30, 2020

Erica Smith: For universal background checks, ban on assault rifles

In my first 100 days I commit to file and advance common sense gun control legislation that includes the following provisions:
  1. Universal background checks;
  2. A ban on assault rifles and bump stocks;
  3. Closing gun show / retail to owner transfers / owner to owner transfers;
  4. Red flag limitations providing access for loved ones and family members to petition to remove firearms from gun owners during periods of incapacitation.
Source: 2020 North Carolina Senate website Feb 7, 2020

Ted Budd: Eliminating our gun rights is a wrongheaded idea

President Obama has made it his mission to eliminate our gun rights, and as the owner of a gun store and range, I know how wrongheaded his ideas are. Law-abiding citizens are not the problem, and I will stand strong for the rights guaranteed to each of us by the 2nd Amendment.
Source: 2016 North Carolina House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Holly Grange: Okay with local background check & training program

Q: What needs to change in North Carolina where gun laws are concerned? Do we have it right?

Grange: I think we do. We have a permitting process for handguns where people have to go through a background check with their county sheriff. We have training programs that are required if you decide you want to carry a concealed firearm, and that involves actually shooting the firearm.

Source: WHQR Public Media on 2020 North Carolina Gubernatorial race Oct 9, 2016

Deborah Ross: Tried to block legislation that would allow concealed carry

Ross spent her time as a state representative voting against almost all key state legislation on firearms, according to Project Vote Smart. She tried to block state legislation that would allow people to carry concealed handguns into restaurants & state parks as well as legislation that gave judges permission to take concealed weapons to court. State residents with concealed carry permits can now take their guns into restaurants, and judges with the same types of permits can take their firearms to work.
Source: on 2016 North Carolina Senate race Aug 25, 2016

Deborah Ross: Supports commonsense gun safety and background checks

Ross said "the right time is now" to talk about issues that include gun safety. She specifically used the term "personal safety," and said background checks could be a way to ensure terrorists and people who have a history of violence don't have access to guns. Ross said "the second amendment is very important, but we have to have commonsense gun safety."
Source: Salisbury Post on 2016 North Carolina Senate race Jun 14, 2016

Mark Walker: Strong believer in the Second Amendment

As a member of the NRA, Mark is a strong believer in the Second Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms must not be infringed. Mark will fight any attempt to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.
Source: 2014 North Carolina House campaign website, Oct 10, 2014

Mark Walker: Additional restrictive gun control laws are unneeded

Q: More restrictive gun control laws are needed now to protect public safety?

WALKER: Strongly Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 North Carolina House race Sep 30, 2014

Thom Tillis: Opposes more gun restrictions

Question topic: More restrictive gun control laws are needed now to protect public safety.

Tillis: Strongly Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 North Carolina Senate race Sep 30, 2014

Deborah Ross: Voted NO on concealed carry in restaurants and state parks

HB 111 Concealed Handguns in Restaurants and State Parks
Bill Passed House (74 - 42); Rep. Deborah Ross voted Nay .
Source: VoteSmart synopsis: 2011-2012 North Carolina voting records Mar 30, 2011

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2020 Presidential contenders on Gun Control:
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Sen.Michael Bennet (D-CO)
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Mayor Mike Bloomberg (I-NYC)
Gov.Steve Bullock (D-MT)
Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN)
Sen.Cory Booker (D-NJ)
Secy.Julian Castro (D-TX)
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CEO Tom Steyer (D-CA)
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CEO Andrew Yang (D-NY)

2020 Third Party Candidates:
Rep.Justin Amash (L-MI)
CEO Don Blankenship (C-WV)
Gov.Lincoln Chafee (L-RI)
Howie Hawkins (G-NY)
Gov.Gary Johnson(L-NM)
Howard Schultz(I-WA)
Gov.Jesse Ventura (I-MN)
Republicans running for President:
Sen.Ted Cruz(R-TX)
Gov.Larry Hogan (R-MD)
Gov.John Kasich(R-OH)
V.P.Mike Pence(R-IN)
Gov.Mark Sanford (R-SC)
Pres.Donald Trump(R-NY)
Rep.Joe Walsh (R-IL)
Gov.Bill Weld(R-MA & L-NY)

2020 Withdrawn Democratic Candidates:
Sen.Stacey Abrams (D-GA)
Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-NYC)
Sen.Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)
Sen.Mike Gravel (D-AK)
Sen.Kamala Harris (D-CA)
Gov.John Hickenlooper (D-CO)
Gov.Jay Inslee (D-WA)
Mayor Wayne Messam (D-FL)
Rep.Seth Moulton (D-MA)
Rep.Beto O`Rourke (D-TX)
Rep.Tim Ryan (D-CA)
Adm.Joe Sestak (D-PA)
Rep.Eric Swalwell (D-CA)
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