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John Kingston: Military must have full range of weapons

I am committed to ensuring our military leaders have the full range of weapons and personnel that is justified by the range of threats we face. But I would advocate for our allies to bear more of our common burden. We must remain vigilant as the threat of global terrorism is ever-present. We need to continue to take the battle to the enemy, as the more they remain on the defensive the less likely they are to successfully attack our homeland.
Source: 2018 Massachusetts Senatorial website Oct 15, 2017

Jesse Gordon: Cut aircraft carriers and military bases abroad by 50%

Q: The U.S. defense spending is larger than that of the next seven largest defensebudgets. We must firmly reject any increase to defense spending at the cost of cuts to domestic social spending.

A: Agree.

Candidate's position on this issue: I support a defense spending cut of 50%, starting with having too many aircraft carrier groups and too many military bases abroad.

Source: ORMA questionnaire on 2018 Massachusetts governor race Jul 31, 2017

Jesse Gordon: Social programs for vets, but not as back-door for military

Q: Taking care of our veterans is a cost of war. The Department of Veterans Affairs must be fully funding and expanded so that every veteran gets the care that they have earned and deserve. Additionally, claim processing, mental health and dental services, and access to the VA must be improved.

A: Agree.

Candidate's position on this issue: I support funding social programs for vets, but I am wary of a back-door for more military funding

Source: ORMA questionnaire on 2018 Massachusetts governor race Jul 31, 2017

Charlie Baker: $4,000 tax credit for hiring unemployed veterans

Too many of our returning heroes struggle to find good jobs. Jesse Brown and Matt Mastroianni the founders of Heidrea Communications of Plymouth and Bellingham are with us tonight. Heidrea constructs, maintains and repairs cell towers, a booming business in today's wireless world.

After serving our country as United States Marines they both joined a large firm in the cell tower space. In 2007, they left the comfort of a big company to start their own. The beginning was rocky, but today they employ 70 people. Almost half of whom are veterans like them. And their future is bright.

Like many small businesses, they want to hire and employ our veterans. We should make it easier for them to get it done. So we'll be proposing a $4,000 tax credit for businesses hiring and retaining an unemployed veteran.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Massachusetts Legislature Jan 24, 2017

Brian Herr: Hiring freeze for all non-military personnel

Herr would like to create a five-year hiring freeze to shrink government expenses through attrition. "I'm a big believer in putting a hiring freeze in place for all non-military personnel," Herr told the News Service. While Herr said the country's debt is unsustainable and he believes the solution lies in cutting costs rather than raising taxes, when asked whether he would rule out additional taxes, he said, "I wouldn't sign something that says I'll never do it."
Source: State House News Service on 2014 Massachusetts Senate race Jun 11, 2014

Carla Howell: Limit the military to defending America

Our military should defend American soil and American shores. Our big government meddling in foreign countries is not helping our defense; it is making it worse. It makes America less secure and it puts our boys and girls in the armed services in harmís way. It also costs huge amounts of money for us to be funding the defense of Europe and Asia and all the other parts of the world where we have intervened. Limit the military to defending America. That is a function authorized by the Constitution.
Source: Eric Darbe, Massachusetts News Jan 5, 2000

Carla Howell: Supports SDI if itís proven viable

Q: Would you consider a national missile defense system as part of protecting Americaís soil?

A: I would consider anything that is viable and that the experts, upon scrutiny, can substantiate makes America safer.

Source: Eric Darbe, Massachusetts News Jan 5, 2000

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