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Al Gore: Bush’s division into good vs. evil is Christian heresy

Bush offered Americans a way to cut through the complexities of foreign policy by sorting every nation in the world into two simple categories: “You’re either with us or against us.” He described Iraq, Iran & North Korea as the “Axis of Evil.”

The day after 9/11, Bush announced, “This will be a monumental struggle of good versus evil, but good will prevail.” Two days later, Bush proclaimed that his “responsibility to history was to rid the world of evil.” I remember being astonished at the grandiosity & hubris of his claim that he could & would “rid the world of evil.” Really?

The following week, Bush addressed Congress, saying God had foreordained the outcome of the conflict. Bush’s view of his policies in the context of a fateful spiritual conflict between good & evil does not really represent Christian doctrine. It actually more closely resembles an ancient Christian heresy called Manichaeism, that sought to divide all of reality into two simple categories, absolute god and absolute evil.

Source: The Assault on Reason, by Al Gore, p. 54-56 May 16, 2007

Al Gore: New security agenda based on addressing global problems

Source: The Assault on Reason, by Al Gore, p.163 May 16, 2007

Al Franken: US intervention in Iran has made it worse

GEN. WES CLARK: This administration had pursued a policy of not talking to people it disagrees with, because it wants to change the regimes. We’ve created a poisonous atmosphere between the US & Iran at the Head of State level.

AL FRANKEN: We have changed the regime in Iran. We’ve made it worse.

CLARK: (laughs) Well, the President intervened before their elections and called for them to have a different government. Well, no group of people want another country to tell them who they should elect.

Source: General Wesley Clark joins Al Franken on Air America Sep 11, 2006

Al Gore: Drought from global warming set stage for Darfur genocide

Unbelievable tragedies have been unfolding in the part of Africa near Lake Chad, where genocidal murders have become commonplace in the region of Darfur. The region-wide drought has contributed to the famine conditions that put millions at risk. A little discussed contributing factor to the famine and genocide is the disappearance of Lake Chad.

Just 40 years ago Lake Chad was as large as Lake Erie--formerly the 6th largest lake in the world. But now due to declining rainfall and ever-intensifying human use, it has shrunk to 1/20th of its original size. The lake’s dissipation has led to collapsing fisheries and crops.

While Lake Chad withered, intense drought set the stage for the violence that erupted in neighboring Darfur, a war-torn region of Sudan.

The more we understand about climate change, the more it looks as if we may be the real culprit--the US emits 1/4 of the world’s greenhouse gases. We helped manufacture the suffering in Africa, and we have a moral obligation to try to fix it.

Source: An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore, p.116-7 May 26, 2006

Al Sharpton: We deal with China, so let’s deal with Cuba

If the reason for continuing the embargo is because Cuba is still a Communist regime, then how does America explain its relationship with North Korea, and China? We talk about human rights violations-of which I personally saw none [when visiting Cuba]. Yet we can dialogue with China and all of her blatant human right violations. We have continued to demonize Castro at the expense of good, sound foreign policy. I clearly think it’s wrong.
Source: Al On America, by Rev. Al Sharpton, p. 70-71 Jan 1, 2002

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