NBC/CBC S.C. Democratic Debate: on War & Peace

Bernie Sanders: Work with Russia & Iran to get rid of Assad in Syria

Secy. CLINTON: Assad has waged one of the bloodiest, most terrible attacks on his own people--250,000-plus dead, millions fleeing. One criticism I've had of Sen. Sanders is his suggestion that Iranian troops be used to try to end the war in Syria.

SANDERS: I think we do have an honest disagreement: in the incredible quagmire of Syria, where it's hard to know who's fighting who and if you give arms to this guy, it may end up in ISIS' hand the next day. And we all know--the secretary is absolutely right--Assad is a butcher of his own people, a man using chemical weapons against his own people. But I think in terms of our priorities in the region, our first priority must be the destruction of ISIS. Our second priority must be getting rid of Assad, through some political settlement, working with Iran, working with Russia. But the immediate task is to bring all interests together who want to destroy ISIS, including Russia, including Iran, including our Muslim allies to make that the major priority.

Source: 2016 NBC Democratic debate Jan 17, 2016

Bernie Sanders: Qatar is wealthy; needs to get skin in game against ISIS

Sen. Sanders asserted about fighting ISIS, "You have incredibly wealthy countries in that region, countries like Qatar. Qatar happens to be the largest -- wealthiest country per capita in the world. They have got to start putting in some skin in the game and not just ask the United States to do it." Is that true? That Qatar is the wealthiest country in the world, in terms of individual income?

We checked and indeed it's true. Comparing three different rating systems--the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and the CIA--all three agree that Qatar has the highest per capita income in the world. Those three rating agencies don't agree on the exact income levels for other countries, but the United States is rated, respectively, the 9th, 10th, and 12th wealthiest country in the world.

Our rating: Yes, Sanders is correct that the U.S. is funding the defense expenses of a country wealthier than the U.S.

Source: OnTheIssues FactCheck on 2016 NBC Democratic debate Jan 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Proud of Iran nuke deal; but carefully watch them

Sen. SANDERS: We've managed to reach an agreement--something that I've very strongly supported--that prevents Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and we did that without going to war. Can I tell that we should open an embassy in Tehran tomorrow? No, I don't think we should.

CLINTON: Well, I'm very proud of the Iran Nuclear Agreement. I was very pleased to be part of what the president put into action when he took office. I was responsible for getting those sanctions imposed which put the pressure on Iran. It brought them to the negotiating table which resulted in this agreement. But I think we still have to carefully watch them. We've had one good day over 36 year and I think we need more good days before we move more rapidly toward any kind of normalization. And we have to be sure that they are truly going to implement the agreement. And then, we have to go after them on a lot of their other bad behavior in the region which is causing enormous problems in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and elsewhere.

Source: 2016 NBC Democratic debate Jan 17, 2016

  • The above quotations are from NBC News Democratic Primary Debate
    in Charleston, South Carolina, sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute.
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