Fox Business 2016 GOP primary debate: on Technology

Carly Fiorina: Check Facebook & Twitter to see jihadi pledges

Q: Are you worried about problems with asylum-seekers in the United States, like the latest problems in Germany?

FIORINA: Of course I'm worried. We cannot allow refugees to enter this country unless we can adequately vet them and we know we can't. Therefore we should stop allowing refugees into this country. We must enforce a pro-American immigration system that serves our interests, not the rest of the world. I understand what it takes to translate goals into results and that is what I will do as president of the United States. Of course, we should be worried, for heavens sakes. This administration has now told us they don't know who has overstayed a visa. This administration has told us they don't even bother to check Facebook or Twitter to find out who's pledging allegiance to jihadis. We can do better than this, citizens. We need to take our country back.

Source: Fox Business 2016 Republican Undercard debate Jan 14, 2016

Carly Fiorina: Let tech work on terrorism, more innovation than bureaucracy

I come from the technology industry and I can tell you there is one thing that bureaucracies don't know how to do. They do not know how to innovate. We have had seven generations of technology since 2011. There are some specific things that we should ask the private sector to help us with, including making sure we have the latest algorithms to search through all these databases so that we find terrorists before they attack us, not after it's too late.
Source: Fox Business 2016 Republican Undercard debate Jan 14, 2016

Rick Santorum: DoD plays defense on technology; we need to go after them

Q: Should companies like Facebook and Twitter be required by law to be more actively engaged in fighting terror?

SANTORUM: If we were doing a better job within the government, we wouldn't need the private sector to do the things that we're asking them to do. What I've found [is that] layers and layers of bureaucracy is #1, if a lot of people have authority, nobody has authority. And #2, that if you don't do anything, you don't get fired. It's only when you do something and something goes wrong, you get fired. So they do nothing. And that's what is happening in our Defense Department right now. We have a capability that they're trying to develop to play defense. We have a lot of technologists that are very skilled. And they're trying to figure out how to play defense. But we don't have folks who are thinking about offense. We don't have war-fighters. Technologists are not war-fighters. Technologists are thinking, "How do I secure, how do I protect?" We need to have, "How do we go after them?"

Source: Fox Business 2016 Republican Undercard debate Jan 14, 2016

Rick Santorum: Harden electric grid against electromagnetic pulse attack

Q: How would you protect America's critical infrastructure-like the Internet and electric grid--from a terrorist attack?

SANTORUM: Well, the most devastating attack that could occur is an electromagnetic pulse attack, and that would be triggered by a nuclear explosion in the upper atmosphere. The best way to stop that from happening is to make sure that those who are talking about using it, Iran, doesn't get a nuclear weapon so they can't explode that device. And the president has put Iran on a path to a nuclear weapon. And we have done nothing to do anything to harden our grid. There is actually a bill in Congress that would put money forward to try to put redundancy and harden our electric grid so it could actually survive an EMP. An EMP is a devastating explosion that sends a pulse that knocks out everything that is wired. Cars stop. Planes fall out of the sky. This is a devastating attack. And this president has done nothing to take the most probable country to launch an attack & stop them.

Source: Fox Business 2016 Republican Undercard debate Jan 14, 2016

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