Jeb Bush in Fox Business 2016 GOP primary debate

On Foreign Policy: We need Kurds & other Muslim allies, to help take out ISIS

Q [to Donald Trump]: Your comments about banning Muslims from entering the country created a firestorm. Do you want to rethink this position?

TRUMP: No. Look, we have to stop with political correctness. We have to find out what's going on. I said temporarily. I didn't say permanently.

BUSH: Donald, I hope you reconsider this, because this policy makes it impossible to build the coalition necessary to take out ISIS. The Kurds are our strongest allies. They're Muslim. You're not going to even allow them to come to our country? The other Arab countries have a role to play in this. We cannot be the world's policeman. We can't do this unilaterally. We have to do this in unison with the Arab world. And sending that signal makes it impossible for us to be serious about taking out ISIS and restoring democracy in Syria. So I hope you'll reconsider. We don't have to have refugees come to our country, but all Muslims, seriously? What kind of signal does that send to the rest of the world?

Source: Fox Business 2016 Republican 2-tier debate Jan 14, 2016

On Gun Control: Issue isn't law-abiding owners, but violence & mental health

Q: In light of the recent South Carolina shootings, what is the harm in tightening standards for not only who buys guns, but those who sell them?

BUSH: We don't need to add new rules, we need to make sure the FBI does its job. Because that person [the S.C. shooter] should not have passed a background check. The first impulse of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is to take rights away from law-abiding citizens. That's what they do, whether it's the San Bernardino attack or if it's these tragedies that take place, I think we need to focus on what the bigger issue is. It isn't law-abiding gun owners. And that's what we should focus on is the violence in our communities. Target the efforts for people that are committing crimes with guns, and if you do that, and get it right, you're going to be much better off than creating a political argument where there's a big divide. The other issue is mental health. That's a serious issue that we could work on. Republicans and Democrats alike believe this.

Source: Fox Business 2016 Republican 2-tier debate Jan 14, 2016

On Homeland Security: Our force level is so low that we can't even project force

What we need to achieve is peace through strength, which means we need to rebuild the military. In this administration, every weapon system has been gutted, in this administration, the force levels are going down to a level where we can't even project force. Our friends no longer think we have their back and our enemies no longer fear us, and we're in a much difficult--we're in a much different position than we should be.

And for the life of me, I have no understanding why the president thinks that everything is going well. Terrorism is on the [rise], China, Russia is advancing their agenda at warp speed, and we pull back.

As president of the United States, I will be a commander in chief that will have the back of the military. We will rebuild the military to make sure that it is a solid force, not to be the world's policeman, but to make sure that in a peaceful world, people know that the United States is there to take care of our own national interests and take care of our allies.

Source: Fox Business 2016 Republican 2-tier debate Jan 14, 2016

The above quotations are from Fox Business Two-Tier 2016 GOP primary debate
First Tier: Top Seven by polls
Second Tier: Three other Republicans
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