Rick Perry in Club for Growth 2012 Presidential White Papers

On Free Trade: NAFTA is largest job stimulus of the decade

Rick Perry has a long record of public statements in support of free trade. "NAFTA is the largest job stimulus packet to come along this decade," said then-Agriculture Secretary Perry in 1993, "Instead of building trade barriers against Mexico, we need to tear them down and make it as easy to trade with Mexico as Kansas and Nebraska."

"Export markets are the future of agriculture," Perry said in 1994. "NAFTA is one of the tools that we have gotten." In 1993, he praised the GATT Agreement as a "good deal for Texas agriculture". More recently, Perry has said that he will "be urging 'our friends in Washington' not to enact regulations that would hinder free trade.

Perry did support price supports for farmers as a candidate for Agriculture Commissioner in 1990, but he has also bashed Republicans for supporting tariffs on steel.

Source: Club for Growth 2012 Presidential White Paper #10: Perry Sep 23, 2011

On Government Reform: McCain-Feingold unconstitutionally restricts of free speech

Governor Perry seems to have evolved on political free speech. Over twenty years ago, Perry proposed that contributions to candidates for Governor should be limited to $2,500 per person per year, according to the Austin-American Statesman. Perry now believes that "contribution limits impede free speech, and he no longer supports them." He has called the onerous McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance law an "unconstitutional.restriction of free speech."
Source: Club for Growth 2012 Presidential White Paper #10: Perry Sep 23, 2011

The above quotations are from Club for Growth 2012 Presidential White Papers.
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