Mike Huckabee in 2007 GOP debate at St. Anselm College, sponsored by CNN & WMUR

On Civil Rights: Address gay behavior if problematic, not gay attitudes

Q: Most of our closest allies, including Great Britain and Israel, allow gays and lesbians to openly serve in the military. Is it time to end ďDonít ask, donít tellĒ policy and allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the US military?

PAUL: I think the current policy is a decent policy. If there is homosexual behavior in the military that is disruptive, it should be dealt with. But if thereís heterosexual sexual behavior that is disruptive, it should be dealt with. So it isnít the issue of homosexuality.

HUCKABEE: Itís already covered by the Uniform Code of Military Conduct. I think thatís what Congressman Paul was saying. Itís about conduct, itís not about attitude. You donít punish people for their attitudes. You punish them if their behavior creates a problem.

Q: So you wouldnít change existing policy.?

HUCKABEE: I donít think that I would. I think itís already covered by the existing policy that we do have, in fact.

Source: 2007 GOP debate at Saint Anselm College Jun 3, 2007

On Education: Iím running for president, not writing science curriculum

Q: At a previous debate, you indicated that you do not believe in evolution. What do you believe? Is it the story of creation as it is described in the Bible?

A: Itís interesting that that question would even be asked of somebody running for president. Iím not planning on writing the curriculum for an eighth-grade science book. Iím asking for the opportunity to be president. But youíve raised the question, so let me answer it. ďIn the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth.Ē To me itís pretty simple, a person either believes that God created this process or believes that it was an accident and that it just happened all on its own.

Q: Do you believe literally it was done in six days and it occurred 6,000 years ago?

A: I believe there is a God who was active in the creation process. Now, how did he do it, and when did he do it, and how long did he take? I donít honestly know, and I donít think knowing that would make me a better or a worse president.

Source: 2007 GOP debate at Saint Anselm College Jun 3, 2007

On Immigration: Allow in professionals as legal immigrants, but seal border

TANCREDO [to Huckabee}: We talk about all the immigration reform we want, and what it gets down to is this: Are we ready for a timeout? Are we actually ready to say, ďEnough is enoughĒ? We have to stop all legal immigration except for people coming into this country as family members, immediate family members, and/or refugees.

HUCKABEE: I disagree with that. I think that there are a number of people that we should welcome into this country. Certainly engineers and doctors and scientists that we may need legally coming here. What we need to do is to have a border that is sealed and the same kind of process that we have to go through if we go into a stadium. We go in one at a time and we have a ticket. Thatís the only thing I think Americans really are asking us for is a sane, sensible system thatís based on the idea that if you come here, that you come here through the same process that we would be expected to go through if we went to another country, which is not happening today.

Source: 2007 GOP debate at Saint Anselm College Jun 3, 2007

On Principles & Values: Plenty of choices for candidates who donít believe in God

Q: Do you believe, literally, creation was done in six days, as it is described in the Bible?

HUCKABEE: Whether God did it in six days or whether he did it in six days that represented periods of time, he did it, and thatís whatís important. But Iíll tell you what I can tell the country. If they want a president who doesnít believe in God, thereís probably plenty of choices. If anybody wants to believe that they are the descendants of a primate, they are certainly welcome to do it. But I believe that all of us in this room are the unique creations of a God who knows us and loves us and who created us for his own purpose.

BROWNBACK: I believe that we are created in the image of God for a particular purpose. And I am fully convinced thereís a God of the universe that loves us very much and was involved in the process. How he did it, I donít know. One of the problems we have with our society today is that we put faith and science at odds with each other. They arenít at odds with each other.

Source: 2007 GOP debate at Saint Anselm College Jun 3, 2007

On Principles & Values: GOP lost 2006 election because they failed to do their job

Q: The Republicans lost the majority in the House and the Senate in 2006 -- Whatís happened to the GOP?

A: We lost credibility because we didnít do what we were hired to do. When youíre elected, youíre hired to do a job. Youíre hired to cut spending, lower taxes, bring more government back to the local people. We did the polar opposite, and the people fired us. And I think in many ways, although there are some good people that got caught up in the tsunami of the 2006 elections, the Republican Party as a whole deserved to get beat. Weíve lost credibility--the way we bungled Katrina, the fact that there was corruption that was unchecked in Washington, and the fact that there was a feeling that there was not a proper handling of the Iraqi war in all of these details, and the indifference to people pouring over our borders.

Source: 2007 GOP debate at Saint Anselm College Jun 3, 2007

On Principles & Values: Valuing life is the countryís most pressing moral issue

Q: What is the most pressing moral issue in this country?

A: If you define a moral issue, it is our respect, our sanctity and our understanding of the value of every single human life, because that is what makes America a unique place. We value every life of an individual as if it represents the life of us all.

Many of us who are pro-life have made the mistake of giving people the impression that pro-life means we care intensely about people as long as that child is in the womb, but beyond the gestation period, weíve not demonstrated as demonstrably as we should that we respect life at all levels, not just during pregnancy. The unique part of our country is that we elevate and we celebrate human life.

And if you contrast us with the Islamic jihadists, who would strap a bomb to the belly of their own child and kill innocent people, they celebrate death, we celebrate life. Itís the fundamental thing that makes us unique and it keeps us free. I pray we never, ever abandon that basic principle.

Source: 2007 GOP debate at Saint Anselm College Jun 3, 2007

The above quotations are from 2007 GOP debate at St. Anselm College, Manchester N.H., June 5, 2007, moderated by CNN's Wolf Blitzer.
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