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Green revolution: 100% clean electric grid by 2050

SANDERS: The only way we really transform America and do the things that the middle class and working class desperately need is through a political revolution.

WEBB: Bernie, I don't think the revolution's going to come.

Q: You don't hear a lot of Democratic presidential candidates talking about revolution. What do you mean?

SANDERS: What I mean is that we need to have one of the larger voter turnouts in the world, not one of the lowest. What we need is a green energy revolution. We need to move America to a 100 percent clean electric grid by 2050 and create 5 million jobs along the way.

Source: 2015 CNN Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas , Oct 13, 2015

Support sustainable green building, architecture and design

Our nation must solve this one. So I put forward the plan that would extend the investor tax credits for solar and for wind. If you go across Iowa, you see that 30 percent of their energy now comes from wind. We're here in Las Vegas, one of the most sustainable cities in America, doing important things in terms of green building, architecture and design.
Source: 2015 CNN Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas , Oct 13, 2015

Passed milestone of preserving 1 million acres of open space

We are making our air and our waters cleaner. We have planted more trees on public lands in the last seven years than ever before. More farmers are now planting cover crops to reduce nutrient runoff than ever before. To protect our farmlands, our forests and our open space for the future, this year Maryland passed the milestone of preserving 1 million acres for our children's future.

Together, we have taken the strongest actions in decades to make the Chesapeake Bay cleaner and healthier; strong actions that are restoring our menhaden, our blue crab, and our oyster populations.

And we are leading the states of our Bay watershed in cleaning up the Chesapeake--consistently meeting our two-year milestones, allowing less nitrogen and phosphorus to pollute our Bay today than seven years ago. Measurable progress, by our hands, in our time, for the long term restoration of the Bay.

Source: 2014 State of the State Address to Maryland legislature , Jan 23, 2014

Flush Tax: fund green upgrade to wastewater treatment plants

My Republican predecessor called the "flush tax" one of his most important accomplishments while in office. By allowing us to make green upgrades to wastewater treatment plants, we have greatly reduced the pollution flowing into our Bay.

But the fee was never sufficient to cover the work that has to be done. While others have suggested tripling the flush tax, I believe that the fairest way forward is to double the yield by switching most households to a fee structure based on consumption-- whereby, the less you use, the less you pay. This will double the amount of work we are able to do for the Bay.

SB 240 would modify increase the average fee from $2.50 per month to $5.00 per month. Low end users (e.g., 2,000 gallons per month) would see a lower fee ($1.80 per month) and higher end users (e.g., 8,000 gallons per month) would see an increase ($9.30 per month). Residents who qualify for an exemption from the fee because of income will be encouraged to apply for this exemption.

Source: 2012 Maryland State of the State Address , Feb 3, 2012

Adopt the Clean Cars Act to fight global warming

We should accept our responsibility in the fight against global warming by supporting stricter pollution emission standards for cars sold in Maryland by adopting the Clean Cars Act. By taking action, we are not only going to be able to help children who suffer everyday from asthma, we are also going to be able to remove pollutants from the air, and be able, to a degree, to remove those pollutants from the Bay. We can join 11 other states in getting this done, and getting it done this year.
Source: 2007 State of the State Address , Jan 31, 2007

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