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Any income tax is tax-slavery - sales tax instead

Q: Do you favor a flat tax? A: The issue isnít the tax rate and the issue isnít whether itís flat or progressive. The issue is the income tax itself. I am an abolitionist. Just as we had to get rid of chattel slavery in the last century, we need to get rid of tax slavery now, so our children will have control of every last dollar they earn and the government wonít get a say in what is done with that money [except via a] sales tax on transactions in the open marketplace.
Source: Republican Debate at Dartmouth College Oct 29, 1999

Against the income tax -- abolish it.

We must abolish the income tax and replace it with the tax system that was intended by our Founders when this nation began - a tax system that leaves our people in control of 100% of their dollars, and that gives to the earner the first use of every dollar that he or she earns. Abolishing the income tax should be the premier goal of all tax discussion and policy for the next several years.
Source: 1/6/99 Jan 6, 1999

Supports funding government through tariffs and sales taxes.

We should repeal the 16th Amendment to the Constitution and thus return to the original Constitution of this country. We should fund the federal government through tariffs, duties and excise taxes (i.e., sales taxes) as the Founders intended.
Source: 1/6/99 Jan 6, 1999

Against the right of government to know our income.

The distance the income tax has already taken us down the road to servitude can also be demonstrated by considering how rare it is for anyone even to raise the question of what right the government has to know how much money we make. By contrast, under a sales-tax system we would not have to report the facts of our individual economic situation or choices to a living soul.
Source: 1/6/99 Jan 6, 1999

Abolish the IRS and its invasion of our privacy.

Liberty from the income tax would mean, of course, liberty from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We would no longer have the IRS, because we would no longer have a tax code that requires the government to demand that we report our income to its agents. We would no longer have our privacy invaded by a government that was interested - officially and legally - in burrowing about in our business to find out how much we make, where we make it, and when we got it.
Source: 1/6/99 Jan 6, 1999

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