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George Lemieux on War & Peace


We left Iraq because of non-cooperation; keep troops out

Q: Troops in the Middle East--In or Out? Let's start with Iraq.

A: We have withdrawn our troops from Iraq due to the noncooperation of the Iraqi government. I would not support the return of troops into Iraq.

Source: Interview with Brevard Times , Apr 17, 2012

Don't withdraw from Afghanistan according to election clock

Q: Troops in the Afghanistan--In or Out?

A:We are drawing down our troops in 2014. We face challenges transferring security for the Afghan people to Afghan forces. The withdrawal from Afghanistan should not be on a political time line after spending 10 years of U.S. blood and treasure. I would listen to commanders in the field as to the timeline of troop withdrawal. President Obama is trying to tie the withdrawal around an election clock.

Source: Interview with Brevard Times , Apr 17, 2012

Withdraw troops but remain an engaged partner with Iraq

The last American troops are scheduled to depart Iraq at the end of this year. This draw down would not have been possible without the success of the surge of forces that restored security to the population of Iraq and allowed the Iraqi government the opportunity to build their capacity in order to take the lead in providing security for their country. With the democratic uprisings that are transforming the Arab world, Iraq is currently the most transparent and democratic country in the region. It's vital that the United States remain an engaged partner with Iraq. A successful democracy in the heart of the Middle East that is a partner with the U.S. in fighting Islamic extremism is a great victory for free people.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" , Jul 16, 2011

Don't leave Afghanistan while there is still work to be done

Afghanistan remains in the vital national security interest of the United States to help the government of Afghanistan defeat Islamic extremist elements in Al Qaeda and the Taliban that are seeking to undermine the legitimacy of the elected government. The U.S. and NATO have a commitment to be in Afghanistan until 2014. Like all Americans I want to see our troops return home from this long fight. However, our troops are not interested in leaving Afghanistan while there is still work to be done.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" , Jul 16, 2011

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