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2009: across-the-board cuts of 10%, to balance budget

Culver lost the governor's office to Republican Terry Branstad in 2010, when the nation was in the throes of the economic downturn and the GOP made gains around the country. Asked if he believes voters would feel warmer about his record now that the economy has improved, Culver was optimistic. "I hope so," he said, with a chuckle. He said he feels good about his record "and I think history will be kind in terms of some of the very progressive things that we did, in terms of health care for kids and preschool for more Iowa children and increasing the minimum wage and the smoking ban. We got a lot of things done."

Culver said he would look forward to the opportunity to address his record in managing the state budget, something Branstad is still attacking. The Democrat said the budget was balanced every year and Iowa was rated one of the nation's best-managed states during his term. That doesn't mean Iowa voters have forgotten the 10 percent, across-the-board budget cut of 2009.

Source: Des Moines Register coverage of 2016 Iowa Senate race , Jan 22, 2015

Canít spend more than we take in

We canít spend more than we take in. We must respect state law regarding our reserves. These include the cash reserve fund, and the economic emergency fund. We need to be guided by the actual numbers. They donít lie. Smoke and mirrors, games and gimmicks, just donít work. We must always realize we canít possibly fund all of the budget requests made of us. Difficult and painful decisions are required. We must never be satisfied with our stateís fiscal condition.
Source: Governorís Budget Address , Jan 30, 2007

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