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Lyndon Johnson on Families & Children


Develop educational public television

We should develop educational television into a vital public resource to enrich our homes, educate our families, and to provide assistance in our classrooms. We should insist that the public interest be fully served through the public's airwaves. And I will propose these measures to the 90th Congress.
Source: Pres. Johnson's 1967 State of the Union message to Congress , Jan 10, 1967

1935: Texas Administrator of National Youth Administration

In 1935, Johnson was appointed State Administrator for Texas of the National Youth Administration. The NYA was one of the stars in the New Deal crown. Its purpose was as simple as it was praiseworthy: to get young Americans off the street corners and highways and put them to work, either in school or at jobs. Johnson was the youngest NYA State Administrator in the country.

His efforts brought him his first taste of national fame. The organization he built in Texas was used as a model by many other states. He put thousands of youngsters to work on such projects as playgrounds, highways roadside parks and soil conservation. He pleaded the merits of his boys and girls to private employers. He urged college officials to see that their NYA appointments were used effectively to give deserving and needy students a chance.

Within a year, there were thousands of young Texans who called him "Lyn" and regarded him as personally responsible for their economic salvation.

Source: The Lyndon Johnson Story, by Booth Mooney, p. 22-24 , Jun 1, 1964

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