Is Hillary Clinton a carpetbagger?

A viewer asked this question on 5/2/2000:

Why does Hillary Clinton really believe she can help New Yorkers? I'm not asking because I don't like her on the contrary I feel sorry for her. She is not for New York she is for a job.
I know it's more than a question. I want you to know where I'm coming from.

JesseGordon gave this response on 5/4/2000:

Yes, it's true. Hillary is not really a New Yorker. But is she understands the needs of the people of New York (which she does, according to news reports and her renowned ability to study up on issues), and if she delivers on those needs from the Senate (which she presumably would, since she is indeed a political animal), then does it matter if she is REALLY a New Yorker? In other words, if she produces what a New York Senator is supposed to produce, who cares about her background?

Yes, it's also true that Hillary wants a Senate seat because it is a powerful political position. Maybe she'll run for President some day based on it. And so what? All Senators are powerful, and mot have ideas about running for President some day.

Hillary would undoubtedly use her Senate seat to push her political agenda (more health care, more family services, more money to public schools and not vouchers, more gay rights and women's rights). That's what Senators do, regardless of their origin. She believes that pushing those issues would "help New Yorkers" -- ultimately, whether the people of New York believe that will determine if she gets elected or not.

You can read her stances on those issues and others at and those of her opponent, NYC Mayor Giuliani, at .

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