What do Congressmen get paid?

Anonymous asked this question on 8/28/2000:

ok, what is the income of a congressman? Is there a place that has reports on such things?

npscott gave this response on 8/28/2000:

The U.S. Constitution says both Congressmen and Senators must earn equal pay, so each receives the same salary which is currently $141,300 a year.

They also, of course receive an account for office expenses and hiring a staff, but these are not personal income monies.

Their are some benefits that come with the job, such as a certain number of paid round-trip air fares to their Districts/States. But, as a practical matter, they must visit their constituents far more often than that allowance provides for.

There is also the fact that rich men and women generally run for office. The pay is an incentive for only a handful of candidates, since many candidates actually take a 'pay cut' from their private incomes in order to serve.

Reports on salaries of each Senator and Representative are free for the asking from the Secretary of the Senate, or the House Document Room.

You can see exactly who and what each person on your public servant's staff is being paid.

How your Senator/Congressman disposes of his pay is his/her business; though some release their income tax returns for public review.

Your Representative/Senator will sent you a copy if you request it by email. ( or, and click on the link to go to the webpage for the person you want.)

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