Liberal & conservative views on death penalty?

A viewer asked this question on 7/16/2000:

I am in great need of the proper definition for conservative, liberal and libertarian. I am confused because I thought I was a conservative but after reviewing some info I am not sure. Can you help me see the views on all three parties on abortion and death penalty. Please use easy terms in your answer.

JesseGordon gave this response on 7/21/2000:

Here's a summary of the three parties' presidential candidates' views on those issues, plus links for details:


(Gore is NOT liberal on this! But the Democratic Party presumably supports his view)

* Supports death penalty; no moratorium for new DNA techniques. (Feb 21)

* Death penalty for murdering federal officers. (May 1999)


(Bush is definitely MORE conservative than Gore, however:)

* Uphold law on death penalty; and think of the victims. (Jun 22)

* 134 Texas executions are "fair and just". (Jun 21)

* Death penalty clemency for bad process, not for repentance. (Jan 7)


(The libertarian and liberal view coincide on this issue)

* Against capital punishment. (May 1996)



(Gore is liberal on abortion; read the URL below for why he's characterized as having grown more liberal over the past decades).

* Always, always defend a woman's right to choose. (Jun 1999)

* Right to choice, regardless of economic circumstance. (Mar 1)

* Abortion question is for women, not government or president. (Jan 30)


(Bush is conservative on abortion, but not a hard-liner. Many in the GOP consider abortion a "litmus test," but Bush does not).

* Every child born and unborn ought to be protected. (Jun 5)

* States should decide abortion issue; not Roe v. Wade. (Jan 22)

* Encourage fewer abortions via adoption & abstinence. (Jul 1998)


(The libertarian and liberal view coincide in terms of keeping abortion legal; but libertarians don't want federal funding for it)

* No "War on Abortion", despite his personal opposition. (Jun 14)

* No gov't funding of abortion, but no prohibitions either. (Jan 13)

* The federal government should have no role in the matter. (May 1996)


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