What does Bush say about Vouchers?

jodykay21@..., a user from, asked this question on 10/20/2000:

What exactly are George W. Bush's veiws concerning vouchers and school choice?

JesseGordon gave this response on 10/20/2000:

Bush's views on School Choice:

* Vouchers are up to states; allow local control. (Oct 17)

* Allow “charter states” as well as charter schools. (Sep 30)

* One size does not fit all in education. (Aug 3)

* Money from failed schools can go to charters or tutors too. (May 23)

* Tax money to religious schools OK, if they’re teaching kids. (May 23)

* Profit-making schools OK, as long as kids learn. (May 23)

* Fund 2,000 charter schools; defund failing schools. (Apr 2)

* Don’t subsidize problems in schools; solve them. (Mar 15)

* If schools fail for 3 years, funding becomes “portable”. (Feb 29)

* Charters encourage innovative methods & provide choices. (Dec 1999)

* School decisions by parents, not federal judges. (Aug 1999)

* Let poor people choose their schools, like rich people do. (Aug 1999)

* Vouchers tied to “accountability system”. (Mar 1998)

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