What are the candidate views on Immigration?

xxspygirlxx asked this question on 10/2/2000:

Dear Jesse,
How many issues from candidates (in different parties) related to immigration benefits? What are they?
Thank you for your help.

JesseGordon gave this response on 10/2/2000:

See\News_Immigration.htm for details and for summary.

The issues, as outlined by each candidate, are:


* Citizenship for 1.2M cleared backlog, but sacrificed quality. (Aug 1)

* More immigrants to alleviate labor shortage. (Mar 1)

* Immigrants from communist Cuba are different. (Jan 17)

* Immigration leads to diversity and cultural tolerance. (Apr 1999)


* $500M to cut INS application time to 6 months. (Jul 6)

* Welcome Latinos; immigration is not a problem to be solved. (Jun 26)

* Make INS more “immigrant friendly”. (Jun 26)

* High tech: More H-1B worker visas; less export controls. (Apr 2)

* Farm policy: Open markets abroad; more H-2A worker visas. (Apr 2)

* More border guards to compassionately turn away Mexicans. (Dec 1999)

* Guest workers, maybe; citizenship waiting period, yes. (Aug 1999)


* Immigrants don’t come for welfare; restore safety net. (Jun 26)

* Don’t blame immigrants for social and economic problems. (Jun 25)


* Teach new immigrants to be American & limit their numbers. (Aug 6)

* A million immigrants a year: “we’re gonna lose our country”. (May 30)

* Most pressing foreign policy crisis: illegal immigration. (Sep 1999)

* Secure our porous borders; teach immigrants English. (Jun 1999)

* Immigration “time out”; reduce to 250,000 per year. (May 1999)

HARRY BROWNE (Libertarian):

* Let in the huddled masses. (Jan 13)

* Maintain open borders; end war on immigration. (May 1996)

* Ease immigration laws; no Official English. (May 1996)

JOHN HAGELIN (Natural Law):

* More high-tech immigrants; more control at state level. (Jan 13)

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