President Bush's Approval Rating

A viewer asked this question on 10/9/2004:

I hear Pres. Bush's approval rating is now low but once was higher than his dad's. What's the story and why is this important?

Yes, President Bush enjoyed the highest job-approval ratings in history after the events of Sept. 11. His job approval percentage was even higher than his father's in the wake of the first Gulf War, which was unprecedented at the time.

His current job approval rating is just under 50%. This is in the news this week because anything under 50% in the job approval rating is considered a strong indicator of the election results.

For Bush fans, you can take hope that his approval ratings are JUST under 50%, and only measured once there since the GOP Convention. It's certainly not overwhelming evidence of an impending electoral loss.

For Kerry fans, you can take hope that Bush's approval ratings have been consistently slipping since the Iraq invasion. That implies a continuing downward trend over the weeks remaining until the election, which could make the job approval rating even lower by November,

Here's a couple of charts with some interpretation:
(Click on the chart to make it fill the screen)

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