Chellie Pingree on Health Care

Allow states to negotiate lower drug prices

Pingree will push to increase the bargaining power of states. Maine has led the way in attempting to lower drug costs for all residents by negotiating with drug companies for lower prices. However, states need more flexibility from the federal government to negotiate lower prices through the federally funded, state-administered Medicaid program. The creative work done in the states should not be tied up at every turn by this powerful industry. States should be allowed more flexibility under the law to seek creative solutions. Any state should be able to negotiate for lower prices from drug companies that provide drugs to the state's Medicaid program -- and pass those discounts on to anyone who lacks prescription drug coverage, not just those on Medicaid.
Source: Campaign website, www.PingreeForSenate.com, "Health Care" Sep 26, 2002

Fight drug companies to make generic drugs available

Pingree will push to make lower priced, quality generic drugs available to consumers. Many people could save enormous amounts of money by buying high-quality, lower priced generic drugs, which often cost 25-60% less than expensive name-brand drugs. However, pharmaceutical companies use their influence to keep quality generic drugs off the market,. National drug policies should lower the barriers erected by the big drug companies and make quality generic drugs available to consumers.
Source: Campaign website, www.PingreeForSenate.com, "Health Care" Sep 26, 2002

Patient's Rights to protect privacy

Pingree called for passage of a National Patients Bill of Rights that includes additional privacy protections for patients. "Keeping your medical records protected from the marketing departments of the pharmaceutical companies is a basic right that patients deserve," said Pingree. "A National Patients Bill of Rights that includes privacy protections will ensure that doctors and heath care professionals -- not big drug or insurance companies -- make important heath care decisions."
Source: Campaign website, PingreeForSenate.com, "Patients Rights" Aug 28, 2002

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