Your Personal Scores Explained for Elizabeth Warren

    Your Total Score Versus Elizabeth Warren
Overall Matching Score: 23%
Elizabeth Warren is not for you. You disagree on all important issues.
    Your Subscores Versus Elizabeth Warren
Personal Matching Score: 20%
Elizabeth Warren very poorly matches your views on personal issues.
Economic Matching Score: 25%
Elizabeth Warren very poorly matches your views on economic issues.
Your personal score is trivially higher than your economic subscore for Elizabeth Warren. You will find your level of agreement (or disagreement) with Elizabeth Warren about the same regardless of the issue under discussion.

Comparing Personal Answers between You and Elizabeth Warren



Elizabeth Warren

Abortion is a woman`s unrestricted rightStrongly Support
Comfortable with same-sex marriageStrongly Support
Keep God in the public sphereStrongly Oppose
EPA regulations are too restrictiveStrongly Oppose
Make voter registration easierStrongly Support
Stricter punishment reduces crimeOppose
Marijuana is a gateway drugSupport
Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliensStrongly Support
Expand the militaryOppose
Avoid foreign entanglementsSupport
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