Your Economic Scores Explained for Ted Cruz

    Your Total Score Versus Ted Cruz
Overall Matching Score: 18%
Ted Cruz is not for you. You disagree on all important issues.
    Your Subscores Versus Ted Cruz
Personal Matching Score: 15%
Ted Cruz very poorly matches your views on personal issues.
Economic Matching Score: 20%
Ted Cruz very poorly matches your views on economic issues.
Your personal score is trivially higher than your economic subscore for Ted Cruz. You will find your level of agreement (or disagreement) with Ted Cruz about the same regardless of the issue under discussion.

Comparing Economic Answers between You and Ted Cruz



Ted Cruz

Legally require hiring more women and minoritiesNeutral
Absolute right to gun ownershipStrongly Support
Expand ObamaCareStrongly Oppose
Vouchers for school choiceSupport
Prioritize green energyStrongly Oppose
Stimulus better than market-led recoveryStrongly Oppose
Higher taxes on the wealthyOppose
Privatize Social SecurityStrongly Support
Support and Expand Free TradeStrongly Support
Support American ExceptionalismStrongly Support
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