Michael Calvan on Foreign Policy


Work toward a world of greater tolerance and acceptance

We in the Green Party are working toward a Minnesota, an America, and a world of greater tolerance and acceptance. A world where conflict can be dealt with in a non-violent matter and one of the principles of the St. Francis of Assisi prayer; to bring light where there is darkness, to bring love where there is hatred, and to bring tolerance where there is bigotry and intolerance.
Source: Campaign website, www.michaelcavlan.org, "Why" Jan 24, 2006

America engineered coup in Haiti for corporate interests

Many aspects of foreign policy are driven by corporate interests as recently witnessed by the American engineered coup d'etat in Haiti. President Aristide, the democratically elected president, had stated he did not want his country to become a sweat shop for the World Trade Organization (WTO). With this statement, beginning with the Clinton administration, the US government blocked all funding of the World Bank to Haiti. Then the grunt work for the coup d'etat began. It culminated with the coup d'etat of President Aristide with the assistance of US military forces, thereby insuring that clothing manufacturers such as The Gap will continue to get cheaply manufactured clothes. Self centered corporate interests corrupt the political process.
Source: Campaign website, www.michaelcavlan.org, "Issues" Jan 24, 2006

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