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Market ensures people wonít get left behind with high tech

A lot of people are fearful that this high tech age will mean that a lot of people will be left behind. Not true. The virtue of a free market, is that markets are people. You donít succeed unless you make a product or a service that people find simple to use. A lot of people believe that people will be left behind in this new era in the labor force. Again, not true. Even though itís very complicated, if it doesnít reduce itself to simplicity, it simply doesnít work.
Source: Speech at Harvardís Kennedy School of Government Nov 27, 1995

Free economy will make PCs available to the poor

Regarding urban under-class access to computers: ďOne of the virtues of a free people is that products become more and more available. Automobiles, at the turn of the century were toys for the rich. They cost in todayís dollars about a half a million dollars. TV, VCRís, washing machines - things that were once very rare, very expensive become available to everyone. The real price of computing power is going down exponentially. The PC will soon become something as common as a TV or telephone is today.
Source: (x-ref Welfare Reform) Speech at Kennedy School of Govt Nov 27, 1995

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