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Rogue State Rollback: actively support resistance fighters

McCain said that the US is increasingly vulnerable to attack from rogue states, & should support resistance movements against rogue regimes. McCain said US vulnerability to missiles has become a major incentive for rogue states to develop the weapons. McCain advocated a policy of “rogue state rollback, in which our goal is not simply to contain rogue regimes, but to drive them from power.” He would provide money, materials, training, and equipment to resistance forces in and around rogue states.
Source: Boston Globe, p. A19 Dec 8, 1999

All-volunteer force succeeds; support AVF without draft.

Q: Is your idea for rebuilding the Armed Forces doable, without resorting to some form of peacetime draft? A: I believe we can. There is no doubt that our new military requires a great deal of training, a great deal of expertise, and technological skills that, frankly, don’t lend themselves to a short-term draft. The all-volunteer force has not failed; our government and Congress have failed the all-volunteer force. We won Operation Desert Storm with an all-volunteer force.
Source: Republican Debate at Dartmouth College Oct 29, 1999

More base closings; $4B wasted

McCain said he wants to strengthen the nation’s defense and, in so doing, military bases will have to be closed. McCain said there is no way to insure additional bases won’t be closed anywhere. “I can’t protect any particular state,” he said. “We need to close bases. But 5 years after base closure there is more revenue coming into the state than when it was a military installation.” McCain said the nation is spending about $4 billion a year on bases it does not need.
Source: Bruce Smith, Associated Press Sep 4, 1999

Feds should pay for veterans’ health care benefits

McCain said the federal government must provide veterans’ health care benefits.
Source: Will Lester, Associated Press Jul 31, 1999

List of defense-related spending priorities

Source: 1998 National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1998

Vietnam cost us confidence, but we’re still a good country

I once heard the Vietnam War described as “America’s fall from grace.” Disagreements about the purpose and conduct of the war as well as its distinction of being the first lost war in American history left some Americans bereft of confidence in American exceptionalism -- the belief that our history is unique and exalted and a blessing to all humanity. Not all Americans lost this faith.... For a time, our loss in Vietnam afflicted America with a kind of identity crisis. I am relieved today that America’s period of self-doubt has ended. America has a long, accomplished, and honorable history. We should never have let this one mistake, terrible though it was, color our perceptions forever of our country’s purpose. We were a good country before Vietnam, and we were a good country after Vietnam. In all of history, you cannot find a better one.
Source: “Faith of My Fathers”, p. 345-346 Nov 9, 1999

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