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More headlines: John McCain on Abortion

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McCain family decisions on abortion are private

Q: What would you do if your daughter needed an abortion?
A: Iíve seen enough killing in my life, a lot more than you have. I know how valuable and precious human life is, and I will not listen to your lectures about how I should treat this very important issue of the sanctity of human life. So, I hope youíll give me the respect that I give you and do not bring my daughter into it. Itís a family decision. Thank you very much.
Source: GOP Debate on the Larry King Show Feb 21, 2000

Feds involved because fed money is used for abortions

McCain was asked how he could support less government involvement in peopleís lives, yet want to interfere with a womanís right to choose to have an abortion. McCain said the federal government was right to involve itself, since its money had been used to help fund abortions. ďAll of us would like not to have the issue of abortion in the public arena, but taxpayersí dollars. are being used to take a human life,Ē he said. ďThatís why we canít get it out of the public arena.Ē
Source: Boston Globe, p. A11 Jan 22, 2000

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