Jesse Ventura on War & Peace

We need Saddam as the bad guy in oil disputes

I can tell you the reason why we keep getting into scuffles with Saddam Hussein: We need him. The fact that weíve kept him in power and havenít taken him out is intentional. We need a bad guy there. We need a reason to keep our military personnel on the pulse of the worldís oil reserves. We put him in there--do you think we couldnít have taken him down by now if we had wanted to? And he knows it. Thatís why he misbehaves!
Source: Ainít Got Time To Bleed, p. 35 Jan 1, 1999

Deal with terrorism as a joint federal-state responsibility.

adopted the National Governors Association policy:

Source: NGA policy HR-10: Domestic Terrorism 01-NGA5 on Feb 15, 2001

Include states in anti-terrorism planning.

adopted the National Governors Association position paper:

The Issue

The issue of terrorism will be of major focus for the 107th Congress. Governors have a critical interest in controlling domestic terrorism because they are responsible for ensuring that state and local authorities have the ability to deal with natural disasters and other types of major emergencies, including terrorist incidents.

NGAís Position

NGA believes that any national strategy for dealing with terrorist incidents should include planning and training by state and local forces. The unique nature of terrorism coupled with national security implications requires the support and expertise of the federal government in working with state and local government in developing capabilities. A clear national strategy developed through a partnership among federal agencies and key state, local, and private sector stakeholders is essential to drive operational and programmatic planning, training, and service delivery in combating terrorism.
Source: National Governors Association "Issues / Positions" 01-NGA7 on Sep 14, 2001

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