Howard Stern on Health Care



Outlaw circumcision

[Circumcision] should not be up to parental consent. If somebody wants to get a circumcision, let them do it when they’re an adult. Seriously. It should be stopped, it should be against the law. It’s as barbaric as what goes on in Africa. There is no reason for circumcision, PERIOD!

And I’ll tell you what it is. Most men want their sons to look like themselves. So this keeps going. It keeps going on and on and on. It is so barbaric. And they are saying now people are starting to take a second look at this. And they say that they believe in the future it will be more common to see uncircumcised men in gym class because people are really starting to wake up to this. It is probably the biggest form of child abuse going on in this country right now.

And these Jews who are doing it are wrong, and the goyem [non-Jews] that are doing it are wrong. Everyone’s wrong. It is wrong. Stop the practice NOW! IMMEDIATELY! Class action suit against doctors. This is the only way you’ll get them to stop.

Source: The Howard Stern Show , Jul 27, 1998

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