Colin Powell on Welfare & Poverty

Promise Five: Opportunities for community service

Service-learning experiences enhance self-esteem, a sense of personal competence and efficacy, engagement with school, and social responsibility for others. Youth are much less likely to volunteer if they are not asked.

Powell says, “I believe to the depth of my heart that a teenager who has spent a few hours a week helping a younger child learn to read, or spent a few hours at a hospice helping an older person reach the end of their life in dignity, is a changed person.”

Source: America’s Promise Web Page Jan 8, 2001

Teach kids volunteerism while young

As we are giving [the] necessities to our children, let’s ask them to also give something back to the community of which they are a part. Early in life, help them learn of the joy that comes from giving to others, help them learn that through service to others, service to community, they will put virtues in their heart that will make them absolutely beautiful adults when they grow up; and that what’s important in life is giving to others, not whether your sneakers cost more than someone else’s sneakers.
Source: Speech at the Republican convention Jul 30, 2000

Reform the entitlement state, not just the welfare state

It is the entitlement state that must be reformed, and not just the welfare state. The good jobs needed to sustain families come from a faster-growing economy where the free enterprise system is unleashed to create wealth. Wealth which produces new industries which produce more good jobs. In this richest nation on earth, we still have not solved the problems of poverty which tear away at the roots of strong families. And for which government assistance is a poor substitute for good jobs.
Source: Speech to the Republican National Convention Aug 12, 1996

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